Spirulina, a unicellular algae, the food product of the space age

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Unicellular algae Spirulina is a natural concentrate of vitamins and minerals containing highly balanced protein.

Spirulina, very productive body, it is able to grow rapidly, increasing its rate of biomass from the bacteria. And thus it has a high efficiency of light assimilation.
Spirulina can be grown in space, in small “photobioreactors”, such as a spacecraft, or bases. Or grow on the ground in an industrial scale. Spirulina is one of the food products of the future, which will get mass distribution in the space age.

Spirulina – Wikipedia:  https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthrospira

Spirulina is one of the oldest organisms on earth. It refers to the type – “cyanobacteria”, who lived in the oceans, where on earth have not been plants and a breathable atmosphere.

Spirulina contains much protein, on average, about 60%. In this case, it is highly balanced protein. This is not a vegetable protein, which is digested by humans only half. A high-quality protein, similar to the one which is used for power athletes.

Spirulina contains almost all the necessary human vitamins and micro elements. Their content is much higher than in plants. One gram of dry spirulina on the content of vitamins, can replace kilogram vegetable platter.
In fact, spirulina is a natural concentrate of vitamins and minerals that are valuable for people.
In spirulina, thin cell walls, and very small cells. Due to this, it is rapidly digested, and just as quickly, almost completely assimilated by the human body.

Pictures of Spirulina space

Spirulina, due to its high nutritional qualities, and high-speed growth, is considered one of the promising “renewable” products, food for astronauts. The long space flights, or alien bases. In space, spirulina, is expected to grow in small, compact “photobioreactors”. Or in the plane of the “external” greenhouses. Similar in appearance to the solar panels. But not intended to generate electricity and for growing food.

Device for growing Spirulina in space, is much lighter and more compact than the “Modules – greenhouse”, which is expected to grow grains or vegetables.

Spirulina is now widely cultivated in the ground. It is grown in natural waters, such as lakes with clear water. Collected in the seas. Grown in artificial ponds, basins. And cultured in photobioreactors, in artificial light.

Spirulina is one of the products of the future. Since this is a universal, high-quality food. And it can be grown by industrial methods. Virtually unlimited quantities.
In the long term, spirulina can feed the world’s population, without the use of conventional agricultural technologies that are harmful to the ecosystem.

Currently, Spirulina has a high cost. On average, about 6 – $ 10 per 100 grams of dry powder. Too expensive for basic food. Therefore, it is used mainly as a food additive. One, two teaspoons of dried spirulina per day, enough to fully satisfy the human need for vitamins and minerals. As a dietary supplement, spirulina’s price. Since the price teaspoon of powder, or several tablets of compressed, dry seaweed, is not high.

Spirulina dry, well-kept without special conditions. Her high value and efficiency, based on the weight. This makes Spirulina a convenient commodity to trade on the global market.

Spirulina can be a dietary supplement, source of vitamins and minerals, replacing fruits and vegetables. Especially in winter, as the prices of Spirulina does not depend on the time of year.


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