The transformation of mankind in space civilization as a way of overcoming the ecological crisis

human transformation in the concept of a space civilization, with the development on the ground of a new type of industry capable of a certain term, distributed freely in the solar system, can greatly simplify and speed up the upcoming cosmic expansion. space colonization will give people access to unlimited resources, will bring the land beyond the dirtiest technology resources and energy production. Which in turn will allow unlimited growth in the global industry and the economy without compromising the earth’s ecosystem, removes the contradiction between economy and ecology.


Statement by Greta Thunberg, another reminder of the looming threat of global ecological crisis.   

Recently, January 21, 2020, speaking at the Davos forum, the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, urged business and industry to the complete abandonment of investments in the mining and energy resources. Citing the fact that a further, massive use of fossil fuels will lead to environmental disaster. “Our house is still on fire. Your omissions inflates flame every hour. ”

Greta Thunberg is known for his sharp, emotional statements about the need for immediate and drastic reduction of environmental pollution, in order to save the ecosystem. “A year ago I came to Davos and tell you that our house is on fire. I said that you should panic. ”


Although, in my personal opinion, Greta Thunberg, is the mouthpiece of the old European elite. Families that control the politics and economics since the Middle Ages. The most radical and retrograde parts, seeking to slow down progress and possibly bring peace to the Middle Ages, in order to preserve its dominant position.

Further development of the world economy and civil society will destroy the social niche in which there are powerful clans control politics and big business. A niche that allows to dominate the society, while remaining out of reach for public scrutiny. Rather, it is causing panic among the old European elite than the environmental concerns to which it was never the case in the long run.

But a certain logic in the message Thunberg is. Of course, to stop the development of industry and to turn Europe into Africa, is not an option. But the problems of environmental pollution and resource shortages need to be addressed, or they will inhibit the further development of mankind, and will lay a heavy burden on future generations.

environmental problems and resource shortages, dangerous by the fact that they will be exacerbated by the development of the global industry. Now the bulk of the world’s population is in a state of “Archaic periphery” on the pre-industrial or early industrial development. And when the peripherals will start to catch up to the level of developed countries, they need industry, commodities, fuel, energy and raw materials. The amount of pollution of the environment at the same time will increase at least three times, and most likely, ten, and then human industry exactly overload the ecosystem of the earth.



Possible directions for overcoming the ecological crisis of the upcoming three. 

First. Deceleration of industrial growth and progress, while maintaining the floor of the colonial economic structure “Golden billion – an archaic periphery”. It facilitates the environmental crisis, but is in conflict with the mission tsivilizatsionngo progress. Achievements of world civilization high level of development and prosperity.

Second. Going Green and resource saving technologies. This must be done, and it will be done. But eco tehnolgii, tend to have a higher price, and develop slowly. And besides, they do not allow to eliminate the threat of radical ecological crisis. Allowing only delay and make it easier.

Third. Start of mass industrial exploration of space, with the withdrawal of land outside the mining and energy industries. In terms of civilizational progress, the preferred option. As it gives access to unlimited resources. Allowing to develop the economy as much as necessary, without limits of growth and significant environmental threats. But the industrialization of space greatly complicates its high cost and complexity.


Space expansion, tempting, but difficult the direction of development of world civilization.

On approaches taken now, the space industry has to evolve through a gradual build-up of scale space programs. First research station in Earth orbit and then research stations on the moon and Mars and then skilled industrial base, designed for the development of extraterrestrial resources and the development of production. Then the gradual expansion of extraterrestrial industry, the creation of space enterprises, industrial complexes, and so on. When the space industry in its scale will be comparable to the Earth, the further development of mankind will begin at the expense of extraterrestrial resources and transformation of mankind into a space civilization.

Creating the space industry through the development of space programs, the easiest and most obvious approach. But it can not be fast. All that is done in space is costly and slow to develop. At the present rate of space exploration, the creation of global space industry can be expected when or whether, during the life of the next generations.

But in the last decade to space exploration have begun to actively connect private entrepreneurs and innovators, new technologies and new approaches that give new chances of colonizing space for the foreseeable future.



The transformation of modern humanity in a cosmic civilization, free and public way in the space age.                                                

I am one of the off-system innovator, and I have an alternative approach to the development of the space expansion, which I called “Cosmic transformation”.

Its basic logic is that it is not necessary to wait until you see the space industry, to humanity began to move to the stage of cosmic civilization. It is necessary to begin the transformation of humanity into the cosmic civilization on Earth in the near future. In the first place on earth to develop a new industry, using the space industry technologies of the future, capable of freely distributed in the solar system. As well as guide the transformation of human civilization in space in different areas of technology, social organization, lifestyles and thinking. This approach allows you to work in advance. Quickly and easily transfer the further development of mankind in the direction of building space civilization, and to remove the main barriers faced by the industrialization of space in the near future.

“Industry of the Space Age”, which is to start development on the ground, with the expectation of later continue it into the space of the solar system, should be based on digital technology and production machines capable of producing copies of themselves – “Replicators”.

Modern industry is based on a set of highly specialized machines, complex production chains and large enterprises, necessary for the production of complex products such as cars, helicopters, or industrial equipment. Carry into space industry of the modern type, is extremely difficult and prohibitively expensive.

But now it begins to develop a new industrial way of life, based on the “digital production”, creating parts and assemblies directly from the raw material, by adding material in small portions, over the digital template. Digital production machines, such as 3D printers are capable of printing parts of any shape. If you combine several 3D printers and assembly manipulators in one “Mikrofabrike” placed in a container or in the garage, it will be able to do any complex product in automatic mode. In some term can be constructed mikrofabriki capable of producing copies of themselves – “Replica”.

When mikrofabriki replicators will go into mass production, they will create a new industry, which has high growth and spread evenly on the ground. On the earth’s stage of growth, the industry will accelerate the development of the space age of the global economy and the integration of the periphery into the global cultural space.

When the development of technologies will allow the design space version replicators will begin distribution of the industry outside of the earth. One set of universal robot and mikrofabriki replicator, and weighing about standing as a modern satellite or space station module, delivered into space will begin soon, “multiply”. Creating numerous groups mikrofabrik replicators and robots. Groups of robots to build industrial infrastructure and the extraterrestrial “rocket-free” space transportation system, cheap and mass. Since the industrialization of the solar system using the replicators will evolve without exorbitant costs, quickly and on a large scale.

Space industry will need to supply the high tech items, produced on earth. Therefore, from the beginning of the colonization of space on the ground will begin to actively develop high technology industry. From space, the earth will be delivered valuable resources and the energy produced on the orbital solar power stations.

Unlike traditional approaches to space industrialization, the development of the industry of the space age, which begins on the ground and later enters into the solar system, is not an insurmountable deterrent to barriers. Development of space-age industry by creating the first mass replicator earth, before the creation of the first space Replicators began industrialization of the solar system, can pass quickly and confidently, within the next decade.

The beginning of colonization of space will have to wait. But the transformation of space is not only preparation for the colonization of space. It is also a move to the living environment, organized on the model of cosmic civilization in all respects. The development of personal thinking, strategies and peer civilizational activities. The development of social organization based on the civil government. Development of personal life environment of the sample space civilization, combining minimalism, comfort and functionality. The development of the Earth, the mass industry, providing a living environment, on the model of cosmic civilization. Many of the technologies and products required for this purpose are on the market now. All you need to start the transformation of the space available. Take it and do it.

Space transformation system will be organized on the principle of network structures consisting of business and social communities. Managed through a network of focal points, directly related to the society and to represent their interests. Information emanating from the focal point to be copied around the world, providing lightning-fast speed of propagation and rapid development of the social entrepreneurial ecosystem space transformation. The state bureaucracy and big monopoly capital, too ossified structures and inhibited to operate under a “lightning growth” and the constant updating of technology that will accompany the transition to the stage of cosmic civilization. Civic self-government through the network structure is a form of organization corresponding to the level of cosmic civilization. The ability to provide sufficient flexibility to work in a constantly changing environment and under extreme conditions of space. Ensure organization and solidarity through the direct interaction of the control layer and the elite society.



The main advantages of space transformation compared to a conventional space-type. 

Space is now customary type is in the hands of the government and large corporations, serving as a means of strengthening the state’s prestige, space research, earth observation and communications support. The actual space colonization States and big business is not expected, and the only declared in the form of propaganda and futuristic mythology. Space transformation will be in the hands of civil society and mass business, serving as a way of transition to the level of cosmic civilization, a means of economic development, to achieve a high quality of life, progress and prosperity.

Participation in the traditional space program for society is expected only as a fan. Direct, practical, participation in the process of transformation of space is available for all who are interested in it.

Traditional astronautics, gave people a dream. Space transformation gives open opportunities and straightforward functionality.



Space expansion as a way to overcome global barriers hindering further development.

The transition of mankind to the level of cosmic civilization, will make it possible to overcome the likely environmental crisis. As well as other global barriers restricting the development. Is fixed semi-colonial world economic model left over from the colonial period, the welfare of the world will become a more or less uniform. the problem of poverty and illiteracy, together with the elimination of economic backwardness is eliminated.

It does not require the mobilization measures, consisting of restrictions or forced mass conversion to clean, but expensive technologies. In line with the transformation of space, private owners themselves will create the space age industry and industry will translate into space, to free inexhaustible resources, guided by its benefits. Eliminating ground by mining and fuel industries.

As options for use on land clean technology space proactive industrialization can get use of recycling technology based on advanced technologies asteroid resource extraction. And solar, concentrating mirrors based on cheap materials, such as plastic film mirror on the steel frames, or a substrate made of fiber concrete.

Space expansion and the overcoming of the ecological crisis, it crosses the goal. Space transformation, since it makes available space expansion, and serves as a means of overcoming the ecological crisis.

The development in the direction of the space transformation eliminates the conflict between industrialization and environmental conservation, and eliminates the conflict between the supporters of technological progress and the environmental movement.


Nikolay Agapov.

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