The space age through the networking industry and online communities

Global industry of the space age, alternative strategies adopted by the movement to the beginning of the industrial colonization of space

Space expansion is one of the major, promising directions of development of mankind. Since the beginning of full-scale industrial space colonization, humanity will move to the level of cosmic civilization. And gain access to unlimited resources of the solar system, will be able to raise their level of development to a height unattainable before.

Now it is assumed that the establishment of the global space industry is extremely complex, expensive and long-term task. According to the plans of space administrations and private space corporations, the industrialization of space, will be developed gradually through a series of scientific and commercial space programs. Such as lunar and Martian bases, mining of lunar and asteroidal resources. But the main purpose of cosmic expansion, and the main line that separates Earth from the space is to create a global aerospace industry. Alien base, an experienced mining extraterrestrial resources, only milestones.

I propose a new approach to the development of the global space industry, to start its creation is not in space programs, and on the earth, in the form of media, the industry, based on the principles and technologies that will be relevant in the aerospace industry of the future and on the ground in the space between the development of civilization. “Industry of the space age,” can begin to develop in the near future, and quickly prepare the global industry to move beyond the limits of the earth. This approach makes it possible to move to the main goal of cosmic expansion, the creation of global space industry directly, without long-term milestones, and without formidable barriers.

Technological basis of industry of the space age, must be a small production of micro factories, “replicators”, capable of producing a wide range of industrial products, including kits to make parts from which they are collected. Produce their copies. Such micro-factory, allowing multiple accelerate the growth of industry and the economy on the ground. And in some perspective, their cosmic version will allow to start the industrialization of space, without the huge cost, but with high speed and high economic efficiency. Institutional framework of the space age industry should form a network structure based on self-management and partnership members. Working mainly in the field of small and medium-sized businesses that have high rates of growth and quality development. At the initial stage of the industry is the space age, it should be developed in the form of entrepreneurial communities. Working in sales and production of the goods included in the category of things which form the living environment of the space age, with the gradual modernization of its technology, which eliminates the considerable start-up costs and other constraints.

The network structure of the supporters of the expansion of space, in addition to the industrial areas, should include social movements and political movement, the development of network self-organization – “Netocracy”.

The concept of creating a global space industry through the earth, and the prototype of the predecessor, the industry of the space age, makes it possible to transfer the further development of mankind in the direction of space expansion. And surely, without significant obstacles, moving in this direction, go to the level of cosmic civilization, in the long term of about 10 years. It makes the transition to the cosmic level achievable in the near term, the historical purpose.

According to this concept, the leading role in the global expansion of space does not belong to states or large corporations, and civil society. It allows everyone to become a party to the global trend of world space expansion, and receive new opportunities and benefits offered by the movement towards the development of space civilization.

Modern humanity on the threshold of the space age.

Modern humanity is on the verge of transition in the space age, but for a long time can not step over the threshold. Constrain cosmic expansion strong barriers, such as high cost and technological complexity of space industrialization, lack of well-developed action plans and the lack of willingness to take decisive action. Despite half a century of space exploration history, human activity in the solar system remained under investigation.

State Space Administration are in line with the race for scientific propaganda achievements, their planning horizon is the creation of scientific bases on the Moon and Mars. But the beginning of the industrial development of the cosmos, not even considered by them as a target.

In recent decades, to the exploration of outer space began to actively connect private players, with more rational objectives and approaches.

The plans of the space privateers creation of qualitatively new space transport systems, such as: Reusable rockets, orbital tugs with efficient plasma engines. “Rocket-free” means removal of cargo into orbit with the help of cable lifts, a giant “orbital slingshot”, or heavy-duty guns.

Projects extraterrestrial practical development of raw materials, such as mining of precious metals and rare earth elements on asteroids. propellant Production of water produced on the moon or asteroids. In the longer term, it is considered the construction of large space stations, which play the role of transport, service and production centers. And orbital solar power stations using lunar and asteroidal materials. Which, after the emergence of new transport systems, will be significantly less expensive materials to be delivered on the ground.

The main initiative in the practical exploration of outer space, of course, belongs to private owners. But private owners plans also have their drawbacks. They do not have a coherent global movement strategy for the transition of humanity to the cosmic level. And there are still many formidable barriers. In a huge complexity and cost, large-scale industrialization of space programs. As well as in public administration strategy. The only difference is that the difference is that the state at the dawn of the space rocket industry, is supposed to develop the industrialization of space at the expense of budget financing until it does not turn into an independent branch of industry. A private traders are planning to develop a gradual involvement of the earth, the industry in commercial space programs, while space does not become mass industrialization.

Plans privateers unsystematic, not related to each other, in a scenario of a single transport space industrial infrastructure of the future. As the ultimate goals, declared the development of individual areas for action in space. “Space X” makes a reusable rocket, “Deep Space Industries’ planned production value of minerals on asteroids,” Shackleton Energy Company “plans to develop the production of propellant on the moon, and the like. But the creation and development of the global space industry, as the primary goal of space activities is not considered, and therefore has no plans for its consistent and speedy development. While the creation of a global space industry allows to proceed to the full development of human beings of the solar system, is a major milestone, separating the Earth from the space. The main objective of the expansion of space at the present stage.

The development of space industry at the expense of private space projects take a long time. Since it must pass through several stages of growth and qualitative improvement. First, the new rockets and satellites near Earth, then the lunar base, industrial space stations and orbital solar power stations. Then maybe begin mass development of extraterrestrial industry. By the beginning of the mass industrialization of the solar system through space programs, at best, be able to go through the 30 – 40 years. This timing is not hazy futuristic perspective, as is the case with plans to colonize space administrations. But they still remain too long to cause the increased interest and mass enthusiasm for the space expansion.

I am a non-systemic innovator, advocate of colonization of space, as well as the general development of human progress. Colonization of space, it is one of the main directions of development progress in the nearest historical perspective. Since this access to unlimited resources, rapid and unrestricted economic growth, rapid progress in the development of technology and society. Along with the transition of mankind to the level of cosmic civilization, it will rise to a completely new qualitative level of development. In terms of quality and scale of the upcoming transition to a cosmic level, it can be compared with the previous transition to the level of modern technological civilization to the medieval. Which lasted about 500 years and began with the maritime, colonial expansion of Europe. The only difference is that the cosmic expansion will grow many times faster

The faster and more actively begin to develop space expansion, the better for the progress, it is better for mankind.

The concept of the Earth’s “Industry of the space era,” serving as the foundation and the prototype of the future, the global space industry.

Thinking about how to bypass the barriers to the development of the space industry and accelerate the expansion of space, I have developed a qualitatively new concept allows you to start an active and full-scale movement to move humanity to the cosmic level in the near future. And to continue this movement without encountering significant barriers and constraints, prior to full-scale industrial human colonization of the solar system. And further, developing along the path of cosmic civilization.

The main difference of this concept is that it involves the onset of the global space industry is not in space and on earth. Through the creation of new industries based on the principles and technologies that in the future, will allow it a foothold in the solar system. And also will be relevant on the ground during the period of cosmic civilization. It is earthy, functional precursor and prototype of the future of the space industry – “Industry of the space age.”

Industry space age, according to the principles of their devices and their technologies will be equally effective on the ground and in space. On the earth’s stage of development, its task is to prepare the global industry to move beyond the limits of the earth. The incubation of technology and the accumulation of industrial capacity and financial resources needed for the start of mass industrialization of the solar system. Industry space age, will begin its development immediately on a global scale. And it begins to move in space, too, on a global scale.

This is its main advantage over private space projects, which will also serve as precursors to the future of the space industry, but their financing in the global economy will be meager. And to expand to a global scale, they will have to go through several stages of growth, which will take several decades. For earth industry, the space age, we need only one stage of growth to go into space. Industry space age, can quickly involve in its development a significant proportion of the global financial and industrial potential. It can reach the stage of the global space industry for a period of about ten, a maximum of fifteen years. That is, can lead to the beginning of full-scale colonization of space in two to four times faster than assumed by the most optimistic forecasts made now.

A period of ten years, is the near-term by historical standards. During this time, people have time to get an education or a career. For similar time doubles capital in large investments in industry and infrastructure. If the beginning of the colonization of space will be available to people will be ready in ten years, to him, investors will be invested in it, it will cause the rise and enthusiasm in the community.

Unlike the space programs of modernity, in the industry of the space age is not necessary to the problem of financing. It will itself be a source of money, and as it develops, will accumulate resources which later will be used for space industrialization. Industry momentum space age will be comparable with the global economic potential and will be measured in trillions of dollars. In this industry the space age, will begin to yield practical results in the global economy, in the form of accelerated growth and rapid technological progress, from the first stages of its development. And further, will assume the role of leader of world progress.

The concept of space-age industry, as a precursor to the creation of the world aerospace industry is able to minimize the main barriers to the transition of Earth’s civilization to the cosmic level. Doing to overcome these barriers, surely achievable and not too long-term task.

Industry of the space era, characterized by modern industry in that it as a basis for new technologies are taken, and the network organization method. Its main and the leading share, will be concentrated in the area of ​​small and medium-sized businesses that have high growth and quality development. Features of the space age industry, will make its development faster, but require participation in it not so much a state or large corporations, as society as a whole.

digital production technology and replication in future space industry.

Main, a qualitative difference between the perspective of the modern aerospace industry is that it must be used a different principle of production of products, the so-called “digital production”.

In modern industry, used mostly highly specialized machines, and to do with them sophisticated products, such as, for example, a car, thousands of machines are combined in a complex production chain. In the production cycle from raw materials to products, as well involved many individual enterprises. That is, the industrial infrastructure of the modern type, very bulky and expensive thing. Carry such industrial system into space, it would be prohibitively expensive.

In the past two decades, it began to develop a new principle of production based on the cultivation of products for the digital template. With the help of volume «3D» printers. 3D printers print product by gradual addition of small amounts of material, typically molten plastic, or metal, or by sintering powders under the action of laser beams. By this method, it is possible to obtain a high level of complexity product directly from the feedstock in a single processing step. This so-called digital, or “additive manufacturing.”

3D printers, universal machines, capable of producing almost any parts or whole products. No complex production chains. If you combine several different types of 3D printers and manipulators for automatic assembly in a small “Mikrofabrike”. You can get miniature enterprise capable of producing finished products of high complexity. Now, there are experimental models of automatic micro-factories, which can be placed in the garage, in a trailer or in a container.

Such a reduction in weight of the industrial infrastructure, provides completely new possibilities for the industrialization of space. Since mikrofabriku, can be placed in the module space station or even in a small device, a volume of several cubic meters, and weighing stand as modern communications satellite.

Space version mikrofabrik, “production units” will be quite easy and cheap to transport them into space with the usual for private firms-cost.

Another advantage of high-quality digital production, is the ability of additive manufacturing machines, or micro-factories to make copies of itself – “Replica”. Now, there are some models of 3D printers that print sets of parts from which they are collected. And in some perspective, will design a micro factory capable of printing parts and kits to collect their copies automatically. In the future, the micro factory replicators, allowing multiple accelerate industrial and economic growth. As the industry becomes decentralized, fast-growing, and evenly spread over the earth, not only depending on the region. Industrial growth will be lightning fast and widespread, it will only limit the shortage of raw materials.

In space, replication technologies, greatly simplify the task of developing large-scale industry. Since the creation of the space enterprise or industrial base will be sufficient delivery to the desired location just one production module replicator. Replicator module, works in conjunction with the universal robot, serving for extraction of resources and services, is the basic unit of future extraterrestrial industry. Delivered into space, to the sources of resources, such a module can in a relatively short time, about a few months, or a year, to make a lot of copies, hundreds or thousands. replicators machine will be duplicated exponentially – 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and so on, doubling their number in every cycle. After that, a lot of robot servants working cybernetic hands and production modules, with significant, overall, the production capacity will begin construction of permanent, large enterprises, and industrial infrastructure. And then, businesses will begin large-scale production of spacecraft and replicators modules for further distribution “Seed Industry” in the solar system.

The industrialization of space in this manner, there will be in excess of expensive, but it is fast and extremely profitable.

Of course, not all parts of space vehicles, can be printed on printers. Complete sets of high-tech components such as electronics and appliances are delivered into space from the earth. But their relative importance is not great. And on the other hand, the concentration of high-tech industries on earth, the solar system for the industry will be to maintain a high level of technology in the earth industry. High standard of living, literacy and culture among the world’s population. Make earth a sort of “Silicon Valley of the solar system.”

Now digital production is beginning to spread in the earth industry, but its level is still not high enough to create a massive micro factories replicators and space production modules. Although the desired level will probably be reached in the next few decades.

The task of the network industry the space age, to create the basis on the ground of the world industry, based on the technologies needed for space colonization. Draw in the modernization of large total investment technologies, making key technologies widespread and cheap. An accelerated pace to bring the technology to a level of perfection is enough for the beginning of their distribution in space.

The major share of the industry of the space age, will be concentrated in small and medium business, enterprise networks. Since the small business has the highest possible speed of propagation and growth, as the generating capacity and capital. In a small business can go much faster high-quality technology development. And small businesses are resistant to environmental changes. That will allow them to feel confident in the conditions of constant and rapid technological modernization, which will accompany the development of the industry of the space age and digital production in general. Home, the leading, part of the industry of the space age, will be concentrated in small, decentralized, garage, production. Large firms can not provide the required rate of growth and development, and will not keep up with them. The main role of large firms, It will be a major infrastructure development, and expensive, high-tech and scientific research. But large firms of the new industry, as well can consist of many small businesses, united in a network of education – “Clusters”. Therefore, in the industry of the space age, will dominate the network organization principle.

Network organization in the industry of the space age.

Vertical, administrative command system is too hidebound and slow, decentralized industry of the space age, which will be developed in a constant process of growth and modernization. The optimal form of organization for the space age industry, a network structure based on information communications.

Vertically integrated structure of the organization, based on a vertical hierarchy, and subordinate to the participants, higher, through a multi-level control system. When the vertical organization, internal links are generally in a vertical system, on top of them, and from the bottom up. Vertically integrated structure, work well in large-scale structures and projects, such as public administration and large enterprises in a stable, low-changing environment. Their disadvantages are that they are slow to respond to changing circumstances, and can not work properly in the face of uncertainty and changing environment.

Network structures operate on the principle of self-organization and partnerships. They do not have a clear hierarchy, there is no clear regulation, and communication between the parties go in all directions, both in vertical and horizontal. Network structures, like arrays of independent members, who themselves manage and organize their activities themselves. Management of network structures, is not a team, but a recommendation. Organization network structure gives the following general rules and coordinated interaction of the participants for the sake of common goals. Network structures not clearly structured and arranged as vertical, this is their main weakness. The main advantages of network structures, their flexibility, adaptability, ability to work under conditions of uncertainty and constant change of circumstances. Network structures,

For the industry of the space age, the network organization is the best option. Since it makes it possible to quickly carry out reformatting of the industrial and social environment on the ground level of the standards of cosmic civilization. And it will work steadily in terms of decentralization and constant updating of technologies in the networking industry.

“Network Industry Space Era”, will be a community of entrepreneurs, is used for communication and interaction between information communication, mainly the Internet. network management industry, will be through the focal points of the network, different levels and with different specializations. Information from the focal points will be transmitted to the network through the open publication and thematic portals. Therefore, any improvement coming from the focal point, or individual participants, will be made available at once and learn on a global level.

Focal points, will be financed mainly through trade and brokering, by payments for the use of the information and brand from the inferior members, similar to the franchise network. And, due to the advertising of certain products and companies.

In the management of the networking industry, will work the principle of direct democracy based on the credibility of the coordinators. As the focal points will represent the bulk of the participants in the network, and will directly depend on them. Since control over financial flows of information will be equally in the hands of the rank and file and the coordinators and participants. But the rank and file participants will be able at any time to move to the other coordinators. And as ordinary members, customers will administer services provided to focal points, influence and money focal points will directly depend on the quality of administration for the benefit of the network.

The development of the network industry the space age.

To run the project network industry space age, only one network cell, consisting of a few entrepreneurs with feasible project. And a series of publications in the news, after which the project will be copied to the business environment, which will give the initial impetus to the growth of the network structure.

According to the concept of space-age industry, its main core will be digital production. But it will also include lots of different activities and technologies. Since its purpose is not only to serve as an incubator of technologies and industrial foundation for the industrialization of space, but also in the creation of new industries and environment for inhabitants of the land into a space between the development of civilization. And because it should include not only the extraction of resources and the production of industrial machines, but also the industry serving the population of the earth. Creating consumer goods and living environment for people.

At the initial stage, the focus is better to focus on trade and the formation of the consumer community supporters of space expansion. Gather the technology and consumer goods included in the category of things which form the living environment of the space age, which already exist in the production and sale. And keep them within the framework of the overall trend, allowing things in some way partake of the benefits of space civilization. At the same time, leading among the consumer community to popularize the device of their living environment by the standards of cosmic civilization. Popularization of modern lifestyle and the space age. The main differences, which, technology, minimalism and functionality.

Bet on trade at the stage of the network, will create it quickly and with zero, using only information resources.

Formation of the first projects in the fields of manufacturing, can follow a trade or develop in parallel with it. To create the first production of the network industry, optimally select the most low-tech and low-cost areas of activity, in general, fall within the category of business space age. And the need to carry out their modernization, to better suit the trend of production of the space age. Modernization, too, must be low-tech and cheap, so that it could quickly take over the business community.

On the role of first producing areas of activity, the power industry of the space age, suitable food, clothing and construction industries. Since they are widely distributed in small businesses, and upgrading can be done without significant cost.

Furthermore, the funds received as a gain on the organization of trade and low-tech manufacturing, to start the gradual introduction of more expensive, high-tech segments. And to develop a line of machinery and equipment, which is also characterized by high cost and processability.

Such an approach. Lead the formation of the industry trade and low-tech peripherals to the creation of high-tech manufacturing and core network will accelerate the rate of growth in the initial stages. And minimize the impact of constraints, such as lack of funding delays at the stage of the organization, the delay in the research and development work.

After the core is formed industrial space age industry, you need to immediately implement its foundation principles, and technologies that will be needed when space colonization.

This gradual introduction to the mass production of digital production. Through:

“Hybrid Production”, the complex additive and mass production, which combines the positive qualities of both types of production. Universalism and low infrastructure costs, high speed and low cost of manufacturing products.

Replication principles in production. replication technology, once implemented it will be difficult, but they can develop gradually. First to introduce replication principles in low-tech production, then, systematically raise the level, to create a full-fledged replicator machine. The level of technological first replicators, so must life is not high, are designed to produce technologically simple industrial products.

Development of a wide use in the industry of small, mobile, industrial machines, placed in standard containers.

The development of the cluster, network, organization of production, for the construction of infrastructure or large industrial production. Combining a large number of small firms and small, mobile, industrial and construction machinery, to work on large projects. Testing of the earth, an alien construction of infrastructure with the help of, local groups, digging, building robots and production modules.

The use of local building materials. During the construction of large infrastructure projects, use the production materials and structures in place, using local materials. the new generation on the basis of sand or rocky ground such as ceramic materials.

The widespread use of ceramic fiber as a replacement of steel and other construction materials. One of the key areas of industrial development of the space age, it is the transition to widespread use in the industry of ceramic materials. The main ornamental material capable of replacing metals, plastics and composites. Main ceramic materials of the space age, the so-called composites – “Pottery – Ceramics” or “fibrous ceramic.” Materials consisting of mineral wool and mineral binders. On the properties of ceramic composites would be similar to a composite of mineral fibers and an organic binder, such as “Fiberglass”. Ceramic composites are comparable in performance with metals. They are durable, not sarcastic, not exposed to fire and corrosion. But resources to produce them universally accessible and practically inexhaustible. This sand, basalt, clay, soda, and lime and similar materials. Ultrafine silica yarn, the main component of sand, or certain types of glass, steel superior repeatedly. And accordingly, mineral composites based on them, on the strength, will be comparable with steel. Widely used in the industry of ceramic composites, as the main structural material, replacing steel, allows to actively develop the industry without fear of iron deficiency. mineral composites based on them, on the strength, will be comparable with steel. Widely used in the industry of ceramic composites, as the main structural material, replacing steel, allows to actively develop the industry without fear of iron deficiency. mineral composites based on them, on the strength, will be comparable with steel. Widely used in the industry of ceramic composites, as the main structural material, replacing steel, allows to actively develop the industry without fear of iron deficiency.

Widespread industry of the space age in the earth industry must occur for a period of about 3 years. Another seven years, will go to upgrading technology and quantitative growth. Then industry space age begin to move in the space, and provisional, earth step will change its development stage industrial colonization of the solar system.

Growth in a decentralized, garage, industry, after the development of digital technology, a hybrid, and production of replication, will be ten times exceed the growth rate in traditional industries. And it will be a few tens or hundreds of percent per year. Accordingly, the industry of the space age, as soon enter the mass stage of development, will assume the role of leader of economic development. The rate of growth of the total economy after the mass distribution industry space age will not be a few percent per year, as now, but a few tens of percent per year. Reaching several hundred percent per year, are actively developing countries and regions, under the right circumstances.

The transition to the stage of the industry, “Lightning growth” associated with widespread industry space age. On the one hand, you can quickly increase the world’s industrial capacity. On the other hand, quickly face a shortage of resources in terms of land. And it will not go to other areas for further growth, in addition to space colonization. Lack of resources, will be the main motivation for space colonization. But on the other hand, when the development of the space industry will be massive, it will overcome the barrier between the earth and the solar system. Through a combination of industry lightning growth of the solar system with unlimited resources, the economy and society will enter the period of constant, instant and unlimited development. Which will continue as long as the solar system will not be fully assimilated by the people.

At the stage of civilization, the solar system, the economic power of humanity will be able to grow into hundreds or thousands of times, in comparison with the modern. Entering the stage of cosmic civilization, mankind will enter a qualitatively new stage of development. Part with their archaic past, will be secured and intelligent. The average standard of living on the planet in the period of cosmic civilization, after 20 – 50 years, will be similar to the level of the most developed countries, scientific and technological centers of today, with the difference that will be above the level of technology and more opportunities for activities.

Networking social movements supporters of space expansion.

A network of supporters of space expansion, will include not only business, but also the social components. It will be somewhere between the network business community and social movement.

If the enterprise network are focused on getting material goods, industrial growth and technological progress. The social movements of the supporters of space expansion will be focused on creating the precursor and a prototype of the society and development of the individual, the relevant standards of the space age. In the pursuit of the intangible, social, wealth and high personal qualities of the participants.

Will strive to achieve the quality of life characteristics of the people of the space age. Such as:

The development of thinking and personal energy, by the standards of human space civilization. First of all independence and ability to serve as independent players and functional units of civilization space. Since in the networking industry and in space colonies, people are basically on your own. And they will need to do to maintain quality social cultural environment, regardless of the state or the elite.

Development of intelligence and education, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, improving their personal potential.

Organization of their living space and way of life by the standards of cosmic civilization. The use of technology, items and furnishings, to create a personalized living environment, which is the prototype of the future living standards of people in the period of cosmic civilization.

Maintaining the lifestyle of people of the space age. In which, the main emphasis is not on adherence to tradition and to achieve social status and functionality and to achieve a high quality of life, as far as possible, with minimal material costs.

Network political system – netocracy.

Network organization community supporters of cosmic expansion, and industry of the space age, will tend to favor appropriate, the network of political system. In order to better maintain the quality of the legal field and the business environment within the network structures.

Network political system, the so-called – “Netocracy”. “No” – network, “Kratos” – power, ie the power of information networks.

Netocracy characterized in that intelligence, organization and management under this system are evenly distributed in society. Without education, command centers with the subordination of society through the power vertical. Netocracy, this network structure in politics. The main advantages of netocracy, that it does not work in the public system, and society, on people as customers of legal and organizational functions of government. When the civil government, individual members of the community take on the function of independent players civilizational space to create and maintain public legal environment, and do not serve the attendants of the power vertical. At the same time, netocracy works on the principle of direct democracy, without assuming the possibility of subordination of power people power without public consensus. Or manipulation of control the center of mass,

Network political system that promotes the formation of a strong civil society and strong elite. Which corresponds to the modern and future trends of the business, legal and social environment, the industry and the economy. The economic competition and the race for world domination does not benefit those countries where a strong power, and those in which powerful elites and strong civil society. The power at the same time, can also be strong, but it does not play a decisive role.

Stir in the space age through the network structure is available for everyone.

The transition of humanity to the cosmic level of development, promises to bring literally fantastic prospects. Since space colonization will make a reality the standard of living, which is now known science fiction.

The power actually abandoned space expansion, using the space program as a means to enhance their status. Cosmic expansion was not needed power, but the society needs. And by this logic, the society must itself, without the participation of the authorities, to make the initiatives and efforts to move to the cosmic level of development, without counting on the participation or support of States.

At the private space of modern firms have initiatives for the development of space, but there is no rational approaches. Private traders are in the same vein, theories and strategies of colonization of space, which paved public space administration during the space race. Industrial development of new space due to the giant infrastructural construction projects. So faced with the same obstacles and constraints, due to which the transition to the colonization of space seems extremely difficult, expensive and long-term task.

I propose the concept of motion to move the earth’s civilization to the cosmic level through networking industry space age and online communities, developed on the basis of the revised development strategy for the global expansion of space. Optimized based on the task to launch the process of global expansion of space with the currently available human potential. Its purpose, to direct further development of mankind in the direction of space expansion, using available at this stage the possibility of industry and society, minimizing the obstacles and constraints.

This concept makes it possible to start a movement for the transition to a cosmic level in the short term and the confidence to bring it to the main stage, the start of commercial space colonization, in the near future, the historical. It opens the way to space civilization.

In the early stages of development of industry and society of the space age, we are not talking about the space program, and to establish a foundation for access to space in the future. Nevertheless, it is a real and not an experimental or demonstration towards the transition of world civilization on the cosmic level.

The concept of space expansion through network structure enables each be included in this process. Become an entrepreneur, co-ordinator, a theorist, or the consumer. Direct their lives and activities in the direction leading to an optimistic future. Which begins with the rapid development, and completed the transition to a qualitatively new level of life that we can only see in the pictures and in the futuristic sci-fi movies. Taking on the functions of the participant civilizational super-task, and functional unit of the process space expansion, obtain for themselves, benefits and opportunities that can give follow standards of cosmic civilization in the near future.

Nikolay Agapov.


Source:  Newspaper Empire

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