Transformation of human civilization in space, short and smooth path in the Space Age 

With the flight of the first spacecraft, the people discovered the access to a new living environment, with unrestricted by earthly standards of space and resources. The transition of mankind to the level of cosmic civilization, promises to bring no exaggeration fantastic prospects, economic growth, progress in creating a high level of development and prosperity of society. But the space program of the traditional type, controlled by the state and large corporations is at a standstill. It does not have no opportunities, no plans, no real initiatives of space expansion, only sporadic research mission to support the power status and the constellation of satellites in Earth orbit.

An alternative approach to the development of the space expansion, “Cosmic transformation”, the logic of which is not to wait for the beginning of the colonization of space to convert humanity into cosmic civilization and the beginning of the transformation in the space immediately civilization within the earth. In order to create a new industry in the land on the model of the future space industry capable of freely distributed in the solar system. And for a full reformat of society on the living standards of cosmic civilization. To quickly, smoothly and confidently prepare humanity for the transition to a cosmic level. Makes it possible to bring the cosmic expansion of congestion, make it attainable and close target.

If the traditional space exploration is in the hands of the state and society it is given only the role of fans. The transformation of the space is in the hands of the mass of business and civil society. Take direct personal involvement in it are all those who are interested in it. Leading its activities in line with the transformation of the space, each of you can take the process of construction space civilization under its control and to bring it to an end result. Received as bonuses significant positions, which can take in the process of formation of a new industry and a good lifestyle space civilization.



Space launched the modern type of space exploration, but could not bring it to completion.

It is known that modern humanity to discover the way to space. And in front of him opened the prospect of transition to the level of cosmic civilization. Has access to unlimited resources of the solar system, far superior to modern humanity by economic power. And much more advanced in every way. Able to give people a much better quality of life than is now available within the earth.

Mankind has long can not get out of the limits of the planet. Limiting their space activities development earth orbit satellite constellation, and research probes in the solar system.

Space Administration, engaged in scientific demonstration programs for the support of the prestige of the authorities. In the early stages of space development, they have created in society an excessive interest in space and optimistic. But in real practice space exploration that could eventually move to large scale, they are not that they can not, and do not ask for such purposes.

Pictures of "private traders Bezos Space Weather Mask"

Cosmic private owners, plan to develop the industrialization of space and practical development of extraterrestrial resources. But they have a weak organization. Not enough determination and cooperation, both with each other and with the earth industry. Cosmic private entrepreneurs still have not created a single point of reference is not the space industry, even the pilot or demonstration. Although they have enough opportunities.

Currently accepted approaches to space industrialization, are generally not effective. Even if there are money, and the land starts consolidated industry to work towards the colonization of the solar system.

The gradual development of the space industry through increased scale space programs can not be fast. All that is done in the space and is expensive and slow to develop.

Pictures of "space villages"

Suppose five years will make constant research base on the moon. After another five or ten years, on this basis, will start working on the development of the industry experienced production and development of extraterrestrial resources. Ten years later, it will be the first, experimental, industrial base. Through the decades, the first experimental base to grow to the scale of the first space enterprises. Even decades later, the first extraterrestrial industrial centers will grow from individual companies. Over time, the space industry will be comparable in size to the Earth. She will start work on the development of the earth’s economy. And having the space industry, humanity will begin to move into the stage of cosmic civilization. Will start its internal transformation of the cosmic civilization.

When or whether astronautics traditional type can lead humanity to the stage of cosmic civilization. But when it is, with the pace of its development? Fifty years later, a hundred? Who may be willing to wait so long?

And in general, fascinated by space exploration records and sticking flags, people like that have forgotten that the main purpose of the cosmic expansion, it does not base on the Moon and Mars. Base is only small steps to achieve the main objective, a full-scale industrial colonization of the solar system and the transition of humanity to the cosmic level of development. And if before the traditional approaches to the development of space expansion are almost insurmountable barriers in the form of a huge cost, complexity, and long-term large-scale space programs. So you need to use other approaches.



Transformation of human civilization in space on the ground in the near future, an alternative direction of development of the space expansion.

I am one of the supporters of the development of space expansion. Organization Manager for Education. I have for a long time, about eight years old, I thought, how to organize the colonization of space by the interaction of cosmic corporations and projects, trying to develop their projects. But I came to the conclusion that the state and large business space colonization is not necessary. And eventually I developed a fundamentally new approach to the development of the space expansion. Through the transformation of human civilization in space and the development of a new industry based on space industry technologies of the future, on the ground, in the short term. With the expectation to begin construction of the space of civilization and space industry within the earth, where it is unobstructed. And where you can quickly develop activities to global scale. So that later, when a new industry appear sufficient industrial capacity and quite advanced technology, go to the colonization of the solar system. So, through the preparation stage and preliminary development on the ground, you can go to the colonization of space is many times faster than the most optimistic plans allow traditional astronautics. And you can start on the path of building a space civilization virtually instantly.



The concept of space transformation, a general description.

Space transformation process of transforming humanity into cosmic civilization has the technology and the type of organization needed for the smooth distribution in the solar system. First, within the land in order to later move to the colonization of the solar system. This is an alternative to the traditional approach of space expansion, through the gradual expansion of the space program. It provides an opportunity to bypass the main barriers to the development of space expansion, making its development more quickly and confidently.

Unlike traditional astronautics, space transformation involves the development of the major attributes of cosmic civilization, the space industry and the level of civilization development. Working on pre-emption. Do not wait until the start massive space colonization. And to start the development of a new industry on the principles and technologies of the aerospace industry in the world. And to begin a comprehensive transformation of human civilization in space within the earth. In order to quickly and easily prepare for the colonization of the solar system.



Industry space age.

New industrialization is the transition to technology and standards, anticipating the space industry. And industry land period of cosmic civilization. Such as it is after the beginning of colonization of space.

New industry I have called “Industry of the space era,” as it should work equally well both in terms of land and in space. Its construction is actually the key to the colonization of space, the entry into the space age.



Mikrofabriki – Replicators, production machine capable of multiplying.

The core of the technology industry of the space age, it is the technology of digital manufacturing and production machines – “Replicators” capable of making copies of itself.

Digital manufacturing machines, such as 3D printers that make parts by gradual addition of small portions of material on a digital pattern, versatile, capable to make a part of any shape. In one step, directly from the raw material. This quality distinguishes them from the highly specialized machine tools industry of the modern type.

To make a complex product such as a car, need thousands of highly specialized machines and complex production chains. Carry into space industries of the modern type, consisting of a set of companies with multiple machines, prohibitively expensive.

But if you collect several 3D printers of various types and assembly manipulators in a “Micro Factory”. This will be a miniature enterprise capable in automatic mode, perform any complex products. Such as cars or industrial machinery. And in particular, they will be able to make new micro factory. Make copies of itself – “Replica”.

Pictures of "micro factory in the container"

At the present level of technology, micro factory replicators, it’s exotic, but not fantastic. The development of such machines is technically possible, it is not too difficult and not too expensive.

Create industry-based micro-factories – replicators on the ground, repeatedly accelerate the growth of industry and the economy. And make the industry evenly spread across the planet. Raise the standard of living in developing countries, and make them members of a population equivalent of civilized space.

When industry replicators grow to a global scale and get a sufficient level of technology for the construction of the cosmic version of replicators, approximately 10 to 15 years, will shift the industry replicators beyond earth.

Delivery of replicators in space is expensive, but available for large businesses, or large communities of small and medium entrepreneurs. Space replicators, will cost about as modern satellites or space station modules. Space replicators will start and run in conjunction with the universal robot, serving for resource extraction, transportation, and all sorts of construction and assembly work.

Replicators delivered into space, to the resources and energy sources. Will be able to quickly “multiply”, increasing their numbers exponentially.

One replicator will create numerous groups of plants and micro robots, numbering in the hundreds or thousands of machines. After that group will build bases and industrial plants, designed for mass production of the new replicators, spacecraft and various types of equipment. Replicators made in space, will scatter the solar system, and the new industrial base will grow out of each machine. This method of propagation in the space industry is not in excess of costly. But be quick, massive and extremely profitable.

Replicators are fully autonomous. For their reproduction will be needed to supply the earth high-tech parts that can not be obtained by 3D printing. But the relative weight of high-tech components are not large. Immediately after the beginning of the industrialization of space, groups of replicators build a new, without rocket space transport infrastructure. Much cheaper and more productive than a modern space transport, based on chemical rockets. Fundamentally new transport systems, such as orbital electromagnetic Runway to remove cargo from the ground. And the fleet of reusable orbital tugs with efficient plasma engines. New transport system will connect the ground orbital base, planets and asteroids cheap and mass transport connections.

Pictures of "Space plasma thruster"

With the development of space industrialization, the earth will become the center of high-tech industry. Giving a corresponding increase in the standard of living for the world’s population. And the most basic and dirty, mining and energy industry will go beyond the limits of the earth. On the asteroid, the moon or the enterprise and orbital solar power stations.

Pictures of "Industry base asteroid"

Industrial space colonization using replicator machines, give to humanity an almost inexhaustible source of resources. Since it is able to grow rapidly, providing resources for as long as is necessary on the ground. On the ground, it will work the same industry replicators able to quickly increase production if the necessary resources and energy. Therefore, space colonization, give humanity a quick and virtually unlimited growth of welfare. Along with the growth of the economy will accelerate the development of new technologies that will increase the level of literacy, culture and legal protection.

Pictures of "City of the Future"

Industrial space to raise the development of humanity to a new level. Thing of the past archaism and poverty throughout the world will be built the city comfortable and eco-villages. The average salary for the planet or the level of income of entrepreneurs would amount to tens of thousands of dollars per month. Everyone will be able to buy an apartment or a house, a private jet or a yacht for traveling on the seas. The new industry will not destroy the ecosystem, harmoniously coexisting with the natural environment. It will become a reality the standard of living, which now can be seen in science fiction films or projections of futurists.



Moving earth consumer industry standards on space civilization.

Development of space-age industry on earth, will serve not only as preparation for the colonization of space. But the way will go to industry and the living environment of space civilization.

The Earth of the space era industry, designed for people services and the creation of high-quality living environment, will meet consumer demand. At the same time, its level of technology will facilitate the transition of people to life-style, typical of cosmic civilization. And the people themselves at the expense of the subculture of space transformation, will bring forth the demand for consumer products and space age technology, speeding up the development progress in this direction.

In the modern world there are quite a lot of the rudiments of the industry of the space age and space civilization. In the form of technology and commodities, which form a vital impact on the standards of cosmic civilization.

Examples of such rudiments of a new industry and a new civilizational environment is:

Digital and hybrid production. 3D printers. And technological systems, combining the versatility of 3D printing with the speed and simplicity of the traditional production, such as casting parts made of metal or concrete in 3D printing plates.

Decentralized production. Various miniature equipment for the production of the garage. Small factories with production lines, allowing to obtain finished goods or components with high added value. Low manufacture has high growth rates, accelerating economic development. And the ability to spread rapidly in developing countries, aligning the global level of welfare.

Types of construction that can be easily automated. Construction of 3D printing, construction of standardized parts, Lego blocks, all sorts of building robots.

Food products that can be produced by industrial, cheaply and in large quantities. Having a high nutritional value. Such as a protein derived from bacteria or microscopic algae such as spirulina. Highly efficient methods of cultivation of plants, such as hydroponics. Protein from insects.

Finished products containing necessary for people set of nutrients, easy to store and transport. Minimal preparation is necessary. Such as nutrient powder Soylent, cookies or bars with protein and vitamin supplements.

Furniture of lightweight carcasses covered with cloth or plastic film.

Electric transport. Light, cheap electric cars. Folding electric bicycles and electric scooters.

Individual flying transport. Passenger drones, or aircraft with vertical take-off and landing.

Trains on electromagnetic cushion. Which are now promising a massive, high-speed transport. And in the future, may be the link between the earth and space transportation. Since the electric vacuum tunnels, can accelerate to escape velocity. Or electric trains on the platforms a hundred kilometers high, and can output loads into space and take freight trains from orbit.

The modern world already has the seeds of industrial space age and space civilization. And the transformation of human civilization in space actually is already underway. Only it is spontaneous, spontaneously. But targeted and planned, it can go much faster and more efficiently.

Now there is no question, it will transform the space or not. It will happen in any case, as this is objectively the most affordable and quick way to move humanity to the cosmic level. The question is, to join her, or stand aside.



The shape of the organization of the industry of the space age, will be a network structure.

civil government system based on direct interaction between participants through the Internet, is optimally suited for mass business ecosystem consisting of a variety of businesses, mostly small and medium-sized. Since the network combines the flexibility and coordinated interaction, direct democracy and centralism on the basis of common interests.

Pictures of "Net Global"

Networking industry, will be a business ecosystem consisting of a community of entrepreneurs, controlled via the focal point system. The participants will be able to choose, the recommendations of the focal point to obey, and what centralized programs take for themselves.

Vertical, bureaucratic management model, too numbed to operate normally in the conditions of constant changes in the situation and the rapid development of technology that will accompany the transformation of the space and the space expansion.

One advantage of the networking industry, in that it can be created from scratch. Without large investments and long lead times. Its infrastructure is not a large-scale industry and bureaucratic management system, and the system of interaction between the participants in the Internet.

At the stage of the formation of the first network can be composed of resellers involved in sales of goods which are the rudiments of the living environment of space civilization. And entrepreneurs working with technologies that are the beginnings of the industry of the space age, which are available on the market right now. Further develop the network of entrepreneurs working in simple and not costly areas that can be quickly disseminated through the publication of information for free copying. And after the accumulation of sufficient investment in networks and intellectual capital to move to high-tech, digital production and micro-factories replicators.

The network structure can provide a lightning fast spread of new industrialization and transformation of space on the ground. Penetration into all spheres and at all levels, for fast reformatting land space civilization. Suffice rapid growth of productive capacity and the progress of technology, necessary for the preparation of the earth industry to the colonization of the solar system.



Social communities and social movements people space age.

Simultaneously with the development of a new industry, reformatting human civilization in space will go in the social sphere. In the form of social movements and subcultures “People of the space age.”

The main goal of social space transformation is to move people in the living standards of cosmic civilization and social development in this direction. Living standards of the space age in the social sphere, it is thought, lifestyle, organizing his life, and everyday living space on promising civilizational standards.

From a functional standpoint, the format of thinking and way of life of the space age gives more opportunities allow to raise the quality of life. Using the technology for themselves, and consumer products that meet the standards of the rudiments of space civilization, just as advantageous from a functional point of view, since in most cases, they have an advantage in price and quality.

Social movement space transformation will be managed by an elite consisting of individual players and clubs. Broadcasting in society high standards of living, energy and enthusiasm to move the motion on the space level.

The task of the social movement space transformation, to captivate society transformation in the idea of ​​a space civilization, organize and support this transition.



Space transformation will be carried out by civil society.

Centralized power and big capital, were powerless before the task of space colonization. And it is not shown in this problem of serious interest. Obviously, the expansion of space they do not need.

Power declared desire for space colonization from the beginning of space exploration and the use of the increased public interest in the topic space to stuff yourself rankings. Of course, with the traditional approaches, the colonization of space will come across obstacles strong, but no one tried to overcome them. There was no intention to develop applications for extraterrestrial industry, not pilot programs in this direction. In fact the authorities to bring the goals that she declared, he had betrayed the expectations of society. Promise people a speedy transition to the space age, but used the increased interest in the topic of space only to support its status. Space expansion under its management began, but got stuck at the stage of experimentation and now is in a state of stagnation.

The concept of cosmic transformation space expansion makes available and gives it in the hands of civil society.

I proposed the concept of space expansion through the transformation of mankind into a space civilization, with the development of a new industry capable of freely colonize the solar system, it removes the main barriers hindering the transition to terrestrial civilization cosmic level. And provides all the facilities of the space expansion of civil society in the hands, allowing it to act independently of the government.

cover photo, no description of the photo.

Supporters of the expansion space, with independent thinking and initiative, follow the idea of ​​the transformation of the space, take its implementation in their own hands, and you will be able to revitalize the cosmic expansion. Take it out of stagnation, to make its further development a reality. You can get for themselves benefits and opportunities offered by the new industrialization and transition to the lifestyles of cosmic civilization. You will be able to take a significant position in the new industry, consisting of a network of corporations and communities. You can take part in the actual process of transition of mankind on the cosmic level, to become creators of history. In the near historical perspective, you will be able to transform into reality the futuristic models of the future, the level of life that is familiar to you for a fantastic books and films. And it’s not foggy futuristic perspective,

For my part, I am ready to take over the functions of the coordinator and ideologist, helping to develop the social networking space transformation.

Take a transition to the level of cosmic civilization under control and make it a reality!


Nikolay Agapov.



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