Cosmic transformation, free transition into space civilization

The project of transforming humanity into space civilization, starting on earth in the field of mass business, with the expectation of creating a new world industry based on the technologies of the space industry of the future, allows you to quickly and easily prepare for the colonization of space.


A promising but inaccessible space expansion.

Modern mankind is on the verge of the beginning of the colonization of space and the transformation into space civilization. This is access to unlimited resources, a transition to a qualitatively new level of development and living standards. But traditional approaches to the colonization of outer space are held back by almost insurmountable barriers in the form of the high cost and complexity of developing large space programs.

The states promised to begin space expansion, but they remained at the “Race for records” stage, for the sake of the prestige of the authorities. Modern private traders promise to transfer the cosmonautics into the practical course “Racing for resources”, but tangible results of their activities are not visible, the same pilot projects, with the expectation of giving a result, sometime in the abstract future.

The traditional approach to the development of space expansion, suggests over time to bring the scale of space activities from research programs to full-scale, industrial development of the solar system, but it cannot be fast. Everything that is done in space is expensive and develops slowly.


The concept of the transformation of humanity into space civilization starting on earth, an unhindered path into the space age.

I am an innovative alternativeist, Nikolay Agapov, I have developed a new approach to the development of space expansion. The main logic of which is not to wait for the colonization of space to begin, but to anticipate it, to create a new industry on earth based on the technologies of the space industry of the future, which can freely spread in space. After that, the industrialization of the solar system will be available for business. The barriers containing it will be removed.

At the same time as the new industrialization, a comprehensive transformation of humanity into space civilization will take place. So that humanity is not limited only to the construction of the space industry, which promises future benefits, but immediately proceeds to the construction of a space civilization and passes into its lifestyle. Getting an increase in the quality of life in the near future, and motivation for further development in this direction.

The core of the «Space Age Industry» is the technology of production machines — «Replicators» that can make their copies, «Propagate.» According to the device, replicators are several 3D printers, assembly manipulators, and an automatic control system located in the container. Now such machines already exist, but they are still experienced, not massive.

Replicators provide completely new opportunities for the industrialization of space. It is possible to deliver such vehicles into space in conjunction with universal robots, using standard rockets, without huge costs. In space, the Replicators will multiply to thousands of robots and micro-factories that will build bases, industrial enterprises and the new “Rocketless” transport infrastructure, cheap and efficient. The industrialization of space using replicators will not be overly expensive, but will be fast, large-scale, and over-profitable.

A medium sized asteroid has enough valuable resources to make every inhabitant of the earth a dollar millionaire, there are thousands of such asteroids in space. The combination of a rapidly growing industry based on replicators with unlimited resources will allow you to rise to a whole new level of life and a new level of development, which now may seem fantastic.

It will take about 10 — 15 years to create a mass industry of replicators on earth with sufficient power and the level of technology to go into space. These are not vague futuristic prospects, but the term for the development of an ordinary, large-scale infrastructure program.

The transformation of society into space civilization will take place through the thematic social movements of the «People of the Space Age», and the subculture «Space-agers». The main goals of which are the transition to the format of thinking of independent players and builders of the civilizational space, from the format of servants of states and large corporations. Transition in one’s life and activity to the standards of space civilization, helping others in this transition.

The development of the space transformation project through conceptual management and network civic self-organization.

The development of the space transformation project will go through the popularization of the concept. The formation of her image in the information space. The transfer of detailed information to society, business and civil communities, forming a network of working branches around the focal point. Their activities leading the practical implementation of the concept.

This management format does not depend on state bureaucracy and large capital and cannot be restrained by their retardation. It allows you to build the infrastructure through the transfer of information, quickly and efficiently, through direct interaction of the coordinator or focal points with society. In the format of «Conceptual Management», the transfer of the concept to society is its implementation.


The transition into the space of cosmic civilization is everyone’s personal choice.

Members of the world community. You have seen the beauty and advantages of living in a civilization of the cosmic level, in science fiction films and futuristic predictions. You were promised its states, but they used your interest to support their power, large corporations promise you, but at the pace of development of modern private astronautics, you can only dream of moving to the space level with its help.

I give you the concept of space transformation, according to which you can make the transition to space civilization yourself, quickly and confidently, immediately receiving benefits and advantages from it.

The construction of the space age industry will still have to wait, although entrepreneurs and innovators can enter this system at the stage of its formation. But the transition to the lifestyle of space civilization, if desired, can be done now. In modern society, the beginnings of space civilization are enough in the form of technologies, consumer products, opportunities for lifestyle and the formation of a way of thinking. The transformation of mankind into cosmic civilization is already underway, according to the evolutionary logic of development, only it is happening spontaneously and slowly. Consciously and purposefully, this civilization transition will go quickly and efficiently.

According to the proposed concept, mankind is free to make the transition to the cosmic level, to new heights of progress of development and prosperity. Everyone can take part in the development of a new industry and the construction of space civilization. Each person can make a personal transition into the lifestyle of space civilization.

What the states have not done, and big capital can now be done by you, ordinary participants and builders of the world civilization space. Your future is in your hands!

Nikolay Agapov.





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