Space transformation, the project of transforming humanity into a space civilization

Modern mankind has approached the beginning of the colonization of space, promising to give it unlimited resources, rise to a qualitatively new level of development and universal prosperity. But for a long time it cannot overcome the barriers separating the earthly stage of its development from the cosmic one. States cannot effectively develop space expansion and do not try to do this, using astronautics only to maintain their status. The new plan for the development of space expansion makes it easy to overcome the barriers that restrain it and start building a space civilization in the near future.


Space expansion stuck at research stage.

The spread of human activity in space began with the flights of the first spacecraft, about 50 years ago. At first, astronautics was in the hands of states, which, on the one hand, ensured its rapid development, on the other hand, they developed it in line with the “Race for Records” strategy, for the sake of the prestige of power, in which it still remains. Space exploration under the control of states began, but for half a century hung at the stage of experiments.

The high cost and complexity of large-scale space programs, which create almost insurmountable barriers to the development of space expansion, do not give rise to large-scale, practical space exploration. But this opinion comes from state administrations and objectively only partially.

If space is explored by the construction of scientific bases at the expense of state budgets, then the resources for its development will never be enough. But if we develop profitable, cost-effective projects, then space exploration will grow rapidly, like an avalanche, and gradually draw into itself the power of the entire world economy. And the total financial and industrial potential of the earth is enough to start the industrial development of the solar system.

Over the decades of the development of cosmonautics, many projects have appeared for the development of practical activities in space and the development of qualitatively new space transport systems. But the states not only did not use them, but also did not allow them to be published. It is quite obvious that states do not need real space expansion, they only declare their desire to develop it, but in fact use the increased interest of people in outer space to strengthen their power over society. States on their own initiative will never lead humanity into the space age. But they can join space expansion if a more effective strategy for its development appears and they have no choice.

In recent decades, private traders have begun to get involved in space exploration, with more practical initiatives, the Race for Space Resources, instead of the race for records. But modern private traders are weak, due to the fact that they are disunited and not guided by a general plan of action. For the most part, space privateers are poor startups, or authors of projects, without resources for practical activities. United space privateers would become a global industry. Interaction with the market would serve as a source of investment and effective demand for them. But they are each working on their own project, and the general economic situation is beyond their understanding. Private astronautics, in its current state, is prevented from developing mainly by the lack of strategic planning.


The role of strategic plans in the development of space expansion.

Planning in general is the basis of space activities, the actual pioneers in space exploration are planners, strategists who choose the main directions of activity. Engineers, government administrations or corporations only follow strategic plans, and flights are the final stages of their implementation.

The theory of the modern rocket space industry was developed by Tsiolkovsky in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Later, the practical implementation of these plans, engineers, such as Obert, or the British Interplanetary Society, from many engineers, Von Braun and Korolev, were able to access the resources and turn the concept into reality. Now astronautics continues to follow the concept of the early twentieth century, and this is one of the main factors inhibiting development. Now a lot of completely new technological and organizational possibilities have appeared, and the basic concept is old, by modern standards, too simple and straightforward, “Wooden”.

The disadvantages of the traditional concept of cosmonautics are in its simplicity and straightforwardness, in the use of approaches familiar to the earth, which are not effective in space, and most importantly in the absence of economic components. Projects are planned for the long term, without expecting immediate economic returns and benefits to society. And as a result, their customers are governments and bureaucratic structures with limited budgets, individual billionaires or enthusiasts. But if the strategy of space exploration is planned as a mass business, then all mankind, the entire world economy will be its customer, and these are completely different resources, and completely different possibilities.


A new plan for the development of space expansion.

I am a Russian altersystem innovator Nikolay Agapov. Seeing the state of affairs in space expansion, I worked out new approaches to its development, and worked out plans for projects that would allow it to develop actively and without significant obstacles. My plans should bring space exploration out of the impasse into which the state administrations have brought it, and give it a new impetus to development.

My plans consist of two main projects.

The concept and project of space transformation, the transformation of humanity into a space civilization, starting on earth, with the expectation of later moving into the space of the solar system.

And the project of the coordination center for the development of the space industry, the center of interaction between space privateers and the interaction of the private space industry with the world market.


Space transformation – the transition of mankind to the level of space civilization, anticipating the colonization of the solar system.

According to the currently accepted approaches to the development of space expansion, humanity must first spread in the solar system, and only after that it will move to the level of development of space civilization. But the wait for the colonization of space is long, especially with the now traditional methods. And everything that is done in space has a high cost, small scale and slow development.

My concept assumes the transformation of humanity into a space civilization on earth, where there are no significant obstacles for this. With the expectation, in some future, to develop technologies and industries of a cosmic level on earth, capable of freely spreading in the solar system. To transfer society to the living standards of a space civilization. After that, the colonization of the solar system will become available, and society will be vitally interested in it, acting as its collective customer. The development of space expansion through space transformation makes it possible to work in anticipation, and at the same time quickly and easily overcome the main barrier separating the earthly stage of human development from the cosmic one.

The technical part of the space transformation is the development on earth of the “Space Age Industry”, which is able to freely spread in space. And it creates living conditions for people on earth according to the standards of space civilization, raising the quality of their life.

The main core of the space age industry is a new industrial order, digital production.

The main difference between the traditional industry and the new industrial order is that the traditional industry consists of many highly specialized machine tools, united in long and complex production chains, consisting of thousands of machines and many factories needed to make complex products. And the new industrial order is universal machine tools capable of making parts of any shape, according to a digital template. The most common type of new industrial machine tools is 3D printers that print parts by adding material in small portions, embodying a digital model into a material product.

Technologies of the new industrial order make it possible to design lightweight, mobile, micro-factories, consisting of several 3D printers, of different types, and assembly manipulators placed in a container. Capable of automatic production of complex products, such as cars, or industrial equipment, including making their own copies of “Replica”. Reproduce, increasing its numbers exponentially.

The creation of Replicator machines capable of producing copies of themselves is already available at the current level of technology. And in some perspective, such machines can enter a wide market, achieve high technological perfection, replacing traditional industry due to their low cost and mass character.

On the ground, micro-factories are replicators that will dramatically accelerate the growth of production and the economy. They will make the sphere of high-tech production available for mass entrepreneurship, while raising the living standards of people. And they will reduce inequality between developed and developing countries, raising the global level of development.

After the industry of the new industrial order grows to a global scale, reaches a sufficient level of technology and capacity, it will begin to move into space.

Unlike modern industry, which would be mega expensive to transport into space, replicators are lightweight and relatively cheap. They provide completely new opportunities for the industrialization of space. Since the delivery of such machines into space is available for large corporations or large associations of small and medium-sized businesses. But in space, bundles of replicators and universal robots will rapidly multiply, creating numerous groups, numbering hundreds or thousands of machines. Groups of robots and replicators will build industrial bases and a new “rocket-free” transport infrastructure, cheap and efficient. The first industrial space bases will produce transport ships with replicators on board, scattering through the solar system, spreading the “Seeds of Industry”.

The industrialization of space by replicators will not be overly expensive, but it will be fast, large-scale and super-profitable.

Now the future of space colonization depends not on projects of scientific bases on the Moon and Mars, which will not bring the massive industrialization of the solar system closer, but on the creation of the first mass replicator, which will launch the development of a new industry that can freely spread outside the earth.

The tasks of the transition to the industrial way of the space civilization are not only the preparation of the terrestrial industry for the colonization of the solar system, but also the transition of the terrestrial industry, which creates a living environment for people to the standards of space civilization. So that people can get for themselves the standard of living of space civilization.

This is the transition of the terrestrial industry to new technologies that will be relevant at the cosmic level of development. Also a step ahead of the colonization of space, available in the near future. Since many technologies and consumer goods that create a living environment according to the standards of space civilization are already on the market. And the development of this direction will create demand for the development of the space age industry, and motivate society to develop space expansion. Having felt its benefits on the earthly stage, people will strive to move to the cosmic stage in order to receive these benefits in much larger, not limited quantities.


Space transformation in society, the transition of people to the way of life of a space civilization.

In the process of space transformation, simultaneously with the transformation of industry, the transition of society to the way of life of a space civilization will take place.

The cosmic transformation of society is the transition of people to the living environment of a cosmic civilization. Choosing for yourself such components as food, clothing, housing, vehicles, made according to more functional principles and technologies of the space age. Transition to a new format of thinking, a new format of social organization and life style, relevant for people of the space age.

The development of a decentralized space age industry based on replicators will be accompanied by a transition to a new format of social and political organization, civil self-government. If entrepreneurs manage their economic activities themselves, being independent economic players, they will become independent political players as well. In a society of space civilization, the functions of the elite will be evenly distributed among people who are equal participants, players and builders of their civilizational space. The thinking format of independent players will replace the modern thinking format of the servants of states and large corporations, which was formed during the period of hyper centralism, in which power and oligarchy dominated society.

According to my plan, the construction of a space civilization in the social sphere will develop through thematic social movements, clubs and subcultures of the “People of the Space Age”. The main task of which is to switch to the format of thinking and the way of life of a space civilization. The structure of the organization is similar to the Masonic lodges, which during the industrial revolution were successfully engaged in civilizational construction, but are now morally outdated.


Space transformation project.

I have not only worked out the concept of space transformation, but also plan to develop it as an organizational project. A project of a social and business community that unites people interested in the transition to the lifestyle of a space civilization. And it includes various types of activities and organization of life included in this process.

The main form of organizing a space transformation project is a network structure built on information communications. A public and business network that unites people interested in the transition to the life and industrial way of the cosmic civilization can freely spread in the world, regardless of the state borders and social status of its participants.

The main form of community management, and the process of building a space civilization, is conceptual management. In which, the concept serves as an information model for the development of real activities, and the publication of the concept for free borrowing is equivalent to its implementation. Conceptual management works by directly addressing and interacting with society and mass business. The concept is transmitted to society through publications, for the development of real activities. It has a recommendatory character, motivation for execution is the opportunities for business development and improving the quality of their lives by the project participants. Conceptual management works without bureaucracy, it allows you to develop activities on a global scale, regardless of administrative and corporate barriers.

My project is an entrepreneurial and social ecosystem, the main activity of which, the construction of a space civilization, is an organizational start-up. A project that allows you to enter the market with minimal costs and achieve high growth rates.

At the stage of project formation, I will be engaged in the popularization of the concept, publication of business development plans and opportunities for leading a lifestyle modeled on a space civilization. To develop activities that work in the information space, which allow building a global trend, but do not need start-up capital. And at the same time, allowing you to earn start-up capital for the implementation of technical projects, such as the creation of the first replicators, through advertising and resellers.

I will also promote partner projects. And to transfer action plans to partners that allow them to earn and develop their projects with zero costs by playing on the information field.

I created the Galaxy cryptocurrency to serve as the internal, digital currency of the space transformation ecosystem. Serving both corporate currency and digital share. The galaxy will facilitate international transactions. And it will allow everyone who wants to invest in the ecosystem, making a profit from its growth and playing at the rates of the local currency, which will fluctuate from publications.

Any interested person can join my project of the ecosystem of space transformation.


Agapov’s Coordination Center for the Development of the Space Industry.

Simultaneously with the space transformation project, I plan to launch a project for the coordination center for the development of the space industry. It is also an organizational startup operating on the principles of network organization and conceptual management. But it is designed for the development of a private space industry.

Its tasks are the development of a plan, information model, industrialization of space at the expense of private players. Development of interaction between private space projects, with the aim of their consolidation and transformation into a single global structure. And the interaction between space privateers and the world market, in order to create a confident effective demand and attract investments for the development of space projects.

The goals of the project are the transformation of modern, disunited, space privateers into a single, global industry. Strong enough to develop space industrialization programs.

And the preparation of the scientific and industrial infrastructure for the industrialization of space by the time the replicator industry will develop on earth. Which will give the technical capabilities for the massive industrialization of the solar system and create massive demand for it on earth.


An open path to the space age.

Inhabitants of the earth, and participants in world civilization. Your hopes for the onset of the space age are mainly associated with states. But states only use your interest in space to strengthen their power. For half a century they have not done anything for the real transition of mankind to the cosmic level of development, and they do not plan to do anything.

I will do it. My plan for the development of space expansion is available, and is designed for the natural desire of business and society to derive practical benefit, to improve their living standards. Its implementation does not require the support of the authorities or large corporations. Its one coverage in the media is enough to translate the further development of mankind into the channel of building a space civilization.

I am not a representative of government or big business, but I do not need power or billions to implement my plans. I am a player of the informational semantic field. I need your interest, your trust and a willingness to act for active participants who are able to enter the new structures of the organization and industry.

Using my plans, you can in the near future begin to move to the living standards of a cosmic civilization, raising your standard of living, gaining new opportunities in your life and work.

Once I have the resources I need, I will start developing replicators. When the replicator industry becomes widespread, in the next few years, you will be able to raise your standard of living to the standards of modern scientific and technological centers. Every worker or small entrepreneur will be able to earn income as an engineer from Silicon Valley. The average living standard will rise accordingly.

A civil government system will give you rights, dignity and social justice. A consolidated, self-governing civil society will become a leading player in politics, you will establish rules, control states, large corporations and banks.

With the beginning of the massive industrialization of space, in about ten years, all limits will be lifted for the further growth of industry and living standards. Unlimited space resources will fuel a high-tech industry on earth that will become ubiquitous, transforming the entire planet into the equivalent of the solar system’s silicon valley. The futuristic world of high technologies, known to you from fantasy and futuristic forecasts, modern cities and eco-settlements all over the world, high-speed trains, passenger drones will become a reality.

Economic growth and the development of a high-tech industry will accelerate technological progress in all areas, information technology will make it possible to communicate with the whole world, get an education, or work anywhere, through virtual reality glasses. Medicine will be able to keep most people in excellent physical shape and prolong life by several centuries or more. The quality of life and the quality of thinking will rise to a height unattainable now, just as surpassing the standard of living of our time, just as the scientific and technological civilization surpasses the Middle Ages. The colonization of space will literally make science fiction a reality.

With the advent of the concept of space transformation, the path to the space age is open, obstacles have been removed, the transition to the level of space civilization has become available, and the colonization of space has become a matter of the near future. You are citizens of the world community, future builders and participants in space civilization, and nothing prevents you from building civilizational structures, I will make this construction purposeful and fast with my planning and organization.


Nikolay Agapov.

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