Proposal, Space Transformation Project, for Belladonna Stofiel

I propose to participate in the project of transformation of humanity into a space civilization.

Hello Belladonna. I am a Russian altersystem innovator, a supporter of the development of space expansion.
As you know, now the colonization of space and the transition of mankind to the level of development of space civilization are considered practically inaccessible. Mainly because of the extreme high cost and complexity of large space programs.
But this opinion is not entirely objective. Since it comes from state administrations, and they have always used astronautics only as a means of supporting their power. And they did not engage in real, practical, space exploration. And accordingly, they do not know how to develop it and do not strive to do it.
And the obstacles facing the colonization of space and the transition of mankind to the status of a space civilization can be bypassed, and completely multiplied by zero. This is the goal of my project for the development of space expansion.
I have two organizational projects for the development of space expansion.

The first and main one is the Cosmic Transformation.
The logic of this project is not to wait for the beginning of space colonization, but to start building a space civilization on earth in the near future. With the expectation of transferring humanity to new technologies, a new way of life, corresponding to the level of space civilization, and to develop a new industry on earth that can freely spread in space. With low cost, and high practical return. It is a space age industry based on Replicator production machines, several 3D printers and assembly arms housed in a container. These machines will be able to make any complex products, including creating their own copies, multiplying exponentially, 1, 2, 8, 16, and so on. Such containerized micro factories are lightweight and relatively cheap. They can be transported into space without huge costs. But in space, a single replicator working in conjunction with a robot would create a large constellation of thousands of machines. Which will build bases and industrial enterprises.
So one replicator in space will give an industrial center at the exit. In which, there will be a serial production of spaceships with new replicators. Scattering in thousands across the solar system And from each replicator a new industrial center will grow. The space industry will supply the earth with valuable resources from asteroids needed for high-tech industries. It will allow you to quickly and unlimitedly grow economic power and the standard of living on earth. Will make the earth a millionaire planet. It will greatly accelerate progress in technology and society, and raise the development of human civilization to a qualitatively new level. Comparable with the transition from a feudal standard of living to a modern level of scientific and technological civilization.
This is the main goal of space expansion, the use of unlimited space resources to raise the standard of living of people. For the transition of humanity to a qualitatively new stage of development.
The transformation of humanity into a space civilization, the main goal of space expansion. So why wait for states and large corporations to begin colonizing space? They do this not quickly, for fifty years of the development of cosmonautics only near-earth space has been mastered, and even then not in full. Human activity in the solar system is the sending of several scientific probes, boxes of instruments. For the glory of the leader and the party. If you start transforming humanity into a space civilization and the development of an industry capable of colonizing space on earth, you don’t need to wait long. And there are no serious obstacles to this.
Only there are some differences. Space transformation will evolve without the leading role of state administrations or large corporations. At the expense of a society united by a system of civil self-government into network communities, analogues of corporations consisting of large associations of players of mass business and civil society.
The construction of a space civilization is not needed by the authorities, it is needed by society. And society will play the main roles in it, participants and customers. The construction process will be controlled by the civil elite, consisting of the most intellectual and proactive representatives of society.
More details in the publication:


I am looking for supporters of cosmic transformation. From which you can assemble the first group that serves as a reference point for the further growth of network communities. With further growth through information communications. One participant publishes materials about his activities, technology start-up, business model, life model modeled on a man in space civilization, or his initiatives in the development of space civilization. And millions around the world are beginning to copy it. Although, recently I have corrected the concept, and I can launch the project without participants, counting on myself, and I think this will turn out more guaranteed and faster. But still, supporters can be very useful to me.

I offer you to participate in the project as an activist. Like Abby Harrison, or Bilberry, serve as government space activists. Only in private projects, business and social communities leading the transformation of humanity into a space civilization. And perhaps I will initiate space projects, only for this we need to wait and accumulate the necessary scientific, industrial and financial capacities. But you have enough time. According to my plan, the first space colonization programs will begin when you are 20-25 years old.
In the near future you can take the position of an activist, a star, popularizing a lifestyle according to the standard of a cosmic civilization. Distributing its activities mainly among teenagers. Modern teenagers who play space toys, read science fiction and popular science publications, in ten years will become startups, engineers and heads of corporations, and become the new elite leading humanity into the space age.

Sincerely. Nikolay.



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