The space age industry as an alternative for the development of industry and civil society in the United States


On the possibility of joint development of the project of a new industry, preceding the colonization of space and the project for the development of national industry in the United States, by the forces of mass business and civil society.


The storming of the capitol on January 6, 2021 in the United States, is yet another episode of contradictions between the two main political systems and civil society. The main systems in politics and economics of the modern world are consolidated financial capital, which can be summarized as the “Party of Bankers”. And the consolidated capital of large industrial corporations, which can be summarized as the “Party of Industry”. The rest is either branches of one of the two systems, or insignificant forces doomed to settle in their channel.


In recent decades, the system of civil self-government has also begun to develop, the basis of the organization’s infrastructure is not vertical bureaucratic systems, but an open information environment and network structures. In this system, society is not subject to any authority coming from above. Maintains order in its ranks by following common interests and common values, and subordinates to its interests the centralized governing structures in the form of people’s representatives and hired managers. Now the system of civil self-government has not yet managed to form highly organized governing structures and acts like biomass, mostly spontaneously. Although, sometimes, if something hurts her, she forces the vertical power structures to reckon with their opinions.


Society generally maneuvers between large parties, seeking support for its interests from one or another elite ruling group.




The capture of the Capitol, the reaction of society to the unwillingness or inability of the authorities to fulfill its vital needs.


The case of the attack on the Capitol was a public outcry against the betrayal of their interests by the elites. This protest was definitely spontaneous, not prepared in advance by some elite group, it did not turn into an attempt to seize power, expressed their opinion, made noise and dispersed. Protested by the working class of society, made up of Native white Americans, mainly workers and small entrepreneurs. Against outright betrayal by bankers, destruction of industry and electoral fraud. And the inaction of a group of large industrialists who are on their side, but really do little.


The betrayal on the part of the bankers’ party is a declaration of the values ​​of prosperity and development, but in fact a policy leading to the destruction of the middle, literate and wealthy stratum of society. Over the century since the founding of the Fed, a centralized, banking system owned by a narrow group of private individuals, bankers have created a powerful centralized governance structure. Using their main resource, the money that they print or draw on the computer in order to buy or subjugate everything they can. And like any other partocracy that has achieved domination, they are trying to achieve total domination, and for this they put pressure on society. A literate and well-to-do middle stratum cannot be totally subjugated, so it is destroyed. By the method of de-industrialization, reducing the quality of education, replacing high living standards and meanings with a freak party, criminalization, dilution by the natives of the banana republics. The ultimate goal of this is to establish a two class system. At the top is the VIP caste, irreplaceable and totally dominating society, at the bottom is the class of poor, illiterate proletarians, half of the homeless. Similar to Brazil or Mexico. It is understood that the middle stratum of US society does not want to move to Mexican favelas, but in the majority it has little understanding of what is happening and what to do in this situation.


An alternative to the total power of bankers in the traditional political system is the dominance of the party of large industry, which in this case is represented by Trump. The industrial capital party needs a developed real sector of the economy and a middle class, albeit not too smart and independent. You need a service for your industrial system, you need consumers for its products. The Industrialists’ Party also strives to preserve the economic independence of the United States and maintain its dominance in the world as a developed industrial country, which coincides with the interests of working Americans. With the continuation of the course of financial partocracy, the United States will first turn into a large banana republic, then into the backyard of China. For large industrialists, this situation is tantamount to collapse, for the literate stratum of society, too, nothing good.


The disadvantages of the American grouping of large industrialists are that they rely heavily on infrastructure and large industry. They are trying to go back to the situation of the sixties, seventies, when they were in their prime. But now the period of “Great construction projects” has passed and is morally obsolete, mainly because it does not provide high growth rates. And the basis of the organization of large industry is the bureaucracy, rather ossified and clumsy. Due to slow growth, which during the Trump presidency has not yielded good results, and ossification, Republicans are losing out to bankers. In addition, the bankers in the last elections have strongly twisted the results in their favor, and the Republicans cannot oppose anything to them, since control over the administration and the courts has been completely seized by the bankers. All that remains is the organization of mass protests.


According to normal logic, in the reindustrialization of the United States, the main stake should have been made on mass business, since it provides high growth rates. A large enterprise worth billions doubles its capacity and capital in ten years, while a small private owner who has several machines in his garage can double his business in a year, and grow tenfold in ten years. The modern flagship of industrial development, China, reached its power due to the fact that it created conditions for mass business, and used large enterprises to develop infrastructure. In China, cheap labor was the main fuel for the economy. But in the United States, mass business could use high technologies and a high level of automation, using automata and robots instead of work machines where possible. To get high growth rates, and high incomes for entrepreneurs and workers. This trend was outlined in the eighties, but was knocked down by the export of industry to China. Why it is not being revived now I do not know, but if it does not come from above, from the owners of large industrial capital, it can come from below from society.




The possibility of developing a high-tech mass industry in the United States in the system of civil self-government.


An alternative way of industrial development in the United States, not associated with traditional political systems, is the development of high-tech mass business through a system of civil self-government. The development of a producing economy by representatives of society in the system that is under their control, works for their interests and in which they dominate.



The space age industry as a direction of mass industry.


My projects are Space transformation, the transformation of humanity into a space civilization, with the transition to an appropriate lifestyle and industrial way, in order to quickly and easily prepare for the colonization of the solar system. And the project of the Industry of the Space Age, a new industry that should begin its development on earth, gain mass distribution and a high level of technology, and then go into space. The core of the space age industry is made up of “Replicators” micro-factories capable of operating in an automatic mode and making copies of themselves, multiplying. These are several 3D printers of different types, and manipulators located in a container.


Such production machines will be able to quickly spread across the land, giving high economic growth. And in a certain prospect, when space versions are constructed, on their basis it is possible to develop extraterrestrial industry, quickly and without enormous costs. At the same time, having gained access to unlimited resources, which will remove all restrictions on the growth of the standard of living on earth. The level of technology required for the design of such machines has already been reached, they are not made simply because no one has set such a goal. I have such a goal, and I will begin experimental work on the production of replicators when I collect money from trade projects, simultaneously with the popularization of the living standards of space civilization, which I am preparing now. Then I will create a network of mass business franchises. Which will include replicators, various machines for manufacturing and construction, such as construction 3D printers. Machines for other consumer industries, such as vending machines for healthy functional food or clothing.


The franchise format makes it possible to create networks on a global scale, spreading new industries and technologies throughout the world. Billions and connections in the traditional elite are not needed for this.


Simultaneously with the development of the new industry, a new elite will develop, directly connected with civil society and serving its interests. Which will receive opportunities to earn and manage only with the trust of society, and will not have the technical ability to manipulate society in its own interests without its consent.



I am a potential representative of the new elite. My main resource and support is public trust. The main ways of project development are trend management, and network structures. Open publication of their projects in the form of concepts, and building social and business, partnership, communities, from people interested in their implementation and development.



This publication is one of the first public appeals to the public. Only a preliminary publication, written hastily, without details, but I think the meaning is clear. You can read more about the space transformation project in the publication:     And the trading platform, the first reference point for the practical development of the project is not yet ready, I will finish it in the near future.


I am writing as an appeal to the Trumpists, US residents, representatives of the middle class of society, interested in the industrial development of America.


You are now in a difficult situation, facing the threat of being thrown into the trash, by the old-format elites.


I have a draft of an alternative political and economic system. The goals of which are the development of a high-tech industry controlled by society. Transformation of mankind into a space civilization, industrial development of the resources of the solar system, multiple acceleration of economic and scientific and technological progress, removal of barriers limiting development in the future.


You have interests. With the preservation of the status of a developed industrial country and a world integration center for the United States. Development prospects for yourself. Desire to gain confidence in your future and optimism in life. Opportunities to independently manage your life and participate in governing your country, without bureaucratic procedures, control over which has always been seized by economic power, and your share of control was not high, about 20 – 30%.



If you are interested in this topic, the development of a new industrial and political-economic order aimed at space expansion, as a way of developing the economy and civil society in the United States. I will write on this topic further. And I will develop this direction, in the real industry of the space age in the future.



Nikolay Agapov.










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