Products and kitchen space era.

An overview of food technologies and products that will be distributed on earth during the period of space civilization.

The food industry and eating habits are an important part of the life environment. When humanity goes into the space age, the world food industry will change. There will be new food products and a new kitchen. The food industry will become more technological. And the products will become more convenient and functional. And they will contain many different nutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals. Become more healthy.
The food industry of space civilization will differ from modern, with several basic features.
Food raw materials will mainly be produced by the industrial method, and not grown on farms. There will be many unified products, such as powder or granules, which are enough for mixing with water. Bars or snacks that do not need to be cooked and can be eaten on the go are widely spread. But unlike modern bars, they will contain the basic set of nutrients necessary for people. Products of the space era will be produced mainly by automata. And they will be mostly dried. Since, the dried products do not contain ballast water. They are lightweight, have long-term storage. Do not need freezing or preservatives. Convenient for trade and consumers.

The modern food industry is not much different from archaic, ancient or medieval. In ancient times, people learned to grow plants, and this gave them much more food than hunting or gathering. On the basis of agriculture, the first developed civilizations arose.
In the industrial era, agriculture preserved its traditional characteristics. But it became more mechanized. Now people eat basically the same products as in the Middle Ages. Only the land is not treated with plows and hoes, but with tractors. And many products are produced massively in automatic mode.
Thanks to mechanization and automation, the products have become cheaper. Farming has become much more productive. But with the growth of population and urbanization, the shortcomings and limitations of cultural cultivation of plants begin to manifest themselves. Traditional agricultural crops destroy the natural ecosystem. And with the growth of the world population and the level of security, this creates serious environmental threats.
Modern people live mainly in cities, and in the future urbanization will become ubiquitous. It will differ only in the level of centralization. In large cities, urbanization will be centralized. And the place of small towns and villages will be decentralized urbanization. Technological eco settlements. In which people will live among the natural ecosystem, not displacing, and not destroying it. In medieval villages, what they themselves grew, mostly themselves ate, and it was convenient. But in cities, the supply of food is a large infrastructure, complex and expensive. In cities, it is much more convenient to produce food raw materials by an industrial method. For example, instead of growing grain and livestock, grow bacteria, fungi, or microscopic shrimp in food businesses. The smaller the organisms, the faster they grow and multiply. Microscopic organisms grow lightning fast. They do not need to be grown for months as plants, or for years, like cattle. They double their biomass in a few hours, if it’s bacteria or micro algae. Or a few days if it’s a crayfish. Factories producing such a fast-growing biomass will be able to feed a million population of cities. In this case, do not need a giant area for growing grain. Do not need infrastructure for transportation and storage of products. Products produced by the industrial method will mainly be there where they are produced, it will be convenient and functional.

Traditional cuisine, originated in antiquity and the Middle Ages, is very laborious. And it is clear that in ancient times everything was done by hand, there were no cars. But now it’s expensive. And the more humanity develops, the more expensive the products of manual labor become. And the more valuable the time becomes, people feel sorry for spending it on preparing food in the kitchen. With the onset of mass urbanization, fast food products began to appear. Their production is automated, and they themselves have a convenient form for consumers. Modern fast food is cheap and convenient. But it’s not healthy. It has a large surplus of calories, fat and sugar. Few valuable nutrients, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Artificial food additives and preservatives are widely used. The basis of nutrition of modern people, it’s products from the grain, in which little valuable nutrients, but a lot of empty calories. And foods high in protein or vitamins are expensive. Food raw materials of industrial production, all kinds of microscopic organisms, consist mainly of protein. And the content of vitamins and minerals in unicellular algae is much higher than in fruits or vegetables. As the technological civilization develops, traditional products and traditional cuisine become uncomfortable. Fast food, too not healthy. Quality products are too expensive. Self-preparation of food takes too much time. In the future, the food industry will switch to fast food products produced by the automatic method. Which will be, and cheap, and healthy, and comfortable in all respects.
As the technological civilization develops, traditional agriculture and traditional cuisine become uncomfortable, backward from time. And in the future, in the space age, humanity will basically switch to the technological food industry.
The main products will be fast food products, similar to modern powdered potatoes, or instant noodles. But consisting of high-quality and inexpensive food raw materials, meat of crustaceans, fungi, and algae. It is also possible for insect meat or a protein derived from bacteria. By the content of protein and vitamins, they will look like special food for athletes. Such products will allow people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
Traditional, agricultural, cattle-breeding, and fishing will remain. But their share will be small 5 – 20%. And they will be used to produce non-staple foods. And for the production of seasonings, sauces, and flavorings. To make tastier and more diverse kitchen, consisting of standardized products of fast cooking.
In general terms, the kitchen of the space age is mainly fast food products having high nutritional value. And a large number of different sauces and seasonings that will give the main, unified products any taste.
After the beginning of mass colonization of space, the space food industry will also be based on food raw materials from microorganisms. And the products of traditional agricultural crops, if they remain, then as pampering or exotics.
Now many analysts plan to grow wheat or potatoes in special greenhouse modules. Or in the under surface (Underground) premises, on alien bases. What a great stupidity on their part. If traditional agriculture, on the ground requires a lot of space, a lot of work, and a lot of resources. That in the conditions of space, with a severe shortage of living space, it is simply deadly wasteful.
In space, the staple foods will produce small machines in which microscopic organisms will be grown. And ready-to-eat foods are produced.
They will also grow fresh greens, fast growing vegetables and berries. Probably, they will grow fast-growing fish or animals. But they will serve as food additives, diversifying the taste of food. And do not make up the basis of nutrition.

Now there are many products corresponding to the characteristics of the food of the space age. And there are many opportunities to make similar products with their own hands.
I will make a short review of several products typical of the space age food category. Described earlier, on the page devoted to the development of consumption according to the standards of the cosmic future. In the food industry.

A unified product that is a powder that is diluted with water for cooking. Similar to protein cocktails. Soylent contains all the substances necessary for human nutrition. Theoretically one can eat one soylent. But in practice, hardly anyone will want to eat cocktails alone. Rather, soylent is a convenient and healthy product for a quick snack.
Soilent is a close analog, futuristic, universal food, described in fiction. Actually, the idea of ​​creating the first in the market soylent, arose from the attempt to create in reality the food of the future, from a fantastic novel. Soilnet has no pronounced taste, almost tasteless. Now the market has several analogs of soylent, with different tastes.
Soylent and similar powdered cocktails containing a complete list of essential nutrients. It is convenient and quick food products. Capable of replacing traditional fast food.

Spirulina is a unicellular alga. Of the genus of cyanobacteria. It is one of the oldest organisms on earth. The precursor of bacteria. Dry spirulina, half consists of protein, with a balanced composition of amino acids. And contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Spirulina contains an almost complete set of vitamins and minerals necessary for human beings. Their concentration is so high that one, two teaspoons of dry spirulina, enough to meet the daily needs of man.
Spirulina is considered one of their promising food organisms for cultivation in space. It is growing rapidly. It can be grown in small, compact, cultivating devices. Spirulina is very nutritious, and easily absorbed by the human body.
Sirulina, one of the products of the space age. Since this is a natural vitamin concentrate. Which is convenient to grow by an industrial method, in “Photo bio-reactors”. Now spirulina is cultivated mainly on special farms, where it grows at the expense of sunlight. Or collect from lakes, where it grows in natural conditions. Spirulina is available commercially, in the form of powder or tablets. Mostly in online stores. In health food stores. Or in pharmacies.
Spirulina can serve as a highly effective food additive. A substitute for vitamin products, such as vegetables, fruits, and fresh herbs.

Protein bars.
Analogues of widely used chocolate bars. Such as, Snickers, or Mars. But containing dry protein supplements. And in some cases, vitamin supplements.
Protein bars are a convenient product for fast food. They do not need to be cooked, and you can eat on the go. But unlike traditional chocolate bars, protein, are a better product. Since they have a high protein content in their composition. By protein content, comparable to meat products. And do not contain excess sugar.
Protein bars are mainly used as a special food for the sportsmen. They are sold in sports nutrition stores, together with protein and food additives. Or in food online stores.
Protein bars, an example of a functional and healthy fast food product. Which will be distributed in the cosmic period of the development of mankind. It is a good product for quick snacks, at work or in hikes. They are good at supporting forces and facilitating rapid recovery after physical exertion.

Protein biscuits.
Analog cookies with additives of powdered protein. As well as protein bars, are an intermediate product of traditional fast food and sports nutrition. Protein biscuits can also serve as a product for quick snacks. Possessing higher food and biological value than standard cookies.
Protein biscuits, as well as protein bars are sold in sports nutrition stores and online stores.
Protein biscuits, as well as protein bars, are a functional product of fast food. Combining taste, quality and benefit.

Homemade pastries with high protein content, and vitamins from healthy ingredients. “Baked food”.
Now many people make homemade pastries with protein supplements. Since homemade pastries are much cheaper than serial protein products.
If you make protein cakes from healthy ingredients, and with vitamin supplements. That it can be an analogue of the unified product of the future. Healthy, comfortable, and containing a basic set of essential nutrients. Baking increased nutritional value, cheap, it is not difficult to cook at home. And its preparation can be a convenient direction for business, for small entrepreneurs. Since there is no need for new technologies and new equipment. It is enough to change the recipe to get a brand new and more expensive product.
On the Internet, there are quite a few recipes for homemade protein baking. Which can be found in the search.
I have worked out my own recipe for cooking baked food.
Its general description. It’s dough on clean eggs, without water. Flour from whole grains, you can use flour from different cereals or from soy. In the dough, it is desirable to add bran.
Additives in dough dry protein, one-third or half of cereal flour. If you use soy flour, you do not need to add dry protein, there’s enough protein in soy and so on.
As vitamin additives in the dough you can add dried fruit. Such as raisins, sliced ​​dried apricots, or their analogs. And nuts.
Just in the dough you can add a little butter, cream, coconut, or peanut.
The composition of a portion of protein baking, similar to fried eggs, curd (Whey Protein Additives), whole grain bread with bran. A handful of handfuls of dried fruit and a half a handful of nuts. This is a set of products that meet the needs for essential nutrients.
Baking increased nutrition, quite tasty. She is good at supporting forces, crushing a sense of lightness. Allows easier recovery from stress or fatigue. Varieties of baking, muffins, fritters, cookies. Its composition and taste can be varied within wide limits.
Baking increased nutritional value, is an analog of products of the space age. Which everyone can do on their own. Its recipes can borrow entrepreneurs. Recipes of baking enhanced nutrition can easily be distributed through publications. Spreading thus, the foundations of the kitchen and food industry of the space age.

In addition to the described, several products. In the category of food of the space age, there is a large variety of diverse products, and food technologies. I will write about them in the next posts.

The food industry is not the most technologically advanced. But it has its own important features. Food is one of the foundations of the life environment. In a literal sense, the thing is vital. And in many ways determining the way of life and quality of life. A combination of features of space age products, functionality, quality, convenience, high nutritional value. It directly affects the quality of life. Basically due to the fact that it gives more vitality and energy. Promotes healthier and more positive thinking. And to some extent by saving time, labor and resources for cooking.
Personal energy, life force, is the main resource necessary for the development of any activity. Food is an energy source. Therefore, products and eating habits are directly related to personal energy and thinking. Food technology and the kitchen of the space age, this is one of the main components of the quality of life of people in space civilization. Nutritional habits, cuisine, easily amenable to transformation through popularization. And this serves as one of the directions of the transformation of terrestrial civilization into space.

Nikolaj Agapov.


Source:   Facebook group. The Space Age People’s Club.


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