Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

The project for transforming humanity into a space civilization, “Space Transformation”, which involves the start of the development of a space civilization on earth, with the aim of transitioning to a lifestyle and technology of the appropriate level, the development of a new industry on earth that can freely spread in space, after which the colonization of the solar system will become available and profitable. This is an affordable transition to the space age that will begin in the near future.


Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

Astronautics of the modern type is not capable of ensuring the development of space expansion.

The approach taken now to space exploration, through the gradual expansion of space programs, up to the full-scale industrial development of the solar system, does not work in practice. First, it is held back by almost insurmountable barriers in the form of the enormous cost, complexity and long-term nature of large space projects. Secondly, states and big business do not strive for real space exploration and are capable of little in this area. For state administrations, space exploration is a way to maintain their status and power, a moral support for the power vertical. Big business, banks and transnational corporations, these are monopolies and financial bubbles, they are interested in preserving the semi-colonial world order, which ensures their dominance.

States and big capital, objectively, cannot be the flagships of space expansion. Even if they set themselves such a goal. These structures are ossified and clumsy, they will not be able to provide the required pace of development and modernization of technologies.

Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

In the last decade, private traders and non-systemists began to join in space exploration, with new development strategies and projects with the goal of bringing space expansion out of the dead end, giving it a new impetus to development.

Space privateers of the modern generation have set themselves the goal of changing the dead-end strategy “Race for records” to a practical strategy “Race for resources and profit”. Which involves the development of cost-effective areas related to the industrialization of extraterrestrial space and the development of extraterrestrial resources. This strategy makes astronautics profitable, capable of gradually expanding, drawing money and industrial capacities of the world economy into the development of the space industry. In the future, until the space industry becomes one of the leading sectors of the earth’s economy. This is their novelty and main advantage.

The lack of modern space privateers in their poor organization, disunity and lack of uniform, long-term development plans. They came from amateurs, mainly from among engineers and employees of space firms. They do not have knowledge in economics and global thinking, each is engaged in his own project separately from the rest. Therefore, the private space industry is mostly scattered teams involved in the design of small rockets.

At the time of the birth of private astronautics, five, ten, years ago, there were teams planning to develop projects for the industrialization of space. Such areas as production by 3D printing on asteroids and the extraction of valuable resources, precious metals and rare earth elements on them. Extraction of water ice on the moon and the production of rocket fuel from it, which is relatively cheap in space due to the low cost of launching from the moon, compared to the earth. Construction of a space elevator on the Moon, where it is technically feasible due to weak gravity. But the organizers of space industrialization projects were unable to attract partners and investments to them, to bring them to implementation.

Now the largest and most famous space private owner is Elon Musk, who is developing heavy reusable rockets that will make it possible to significantly reduce the cost of space flights and increase their scale. And the development of new generation satellite communication systems.


Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

Space transformation, a project for transforming humanity into a space civilization.

I am a non-systemic player, one of the space alternatives, and I have a project that will dramatically accelerate the development of space expansion. This project is not in the engineering but in the organizational sphere.

According to the strategy of space expansion adopted now, it is necessary to conduct a gradual expansion of space programs until they grow to full-scale industrial development of the solar system. After that, humanity will gain access to space resources and move to the level of space civilization. And this is very expensive, very difficult and cannot be done quickly.

In my project, the transition of mankind to the level of development of the space civilization “Space transformation” should begin on earth, through the transition to a life and technological way of life, corresponding to the level of space civilization. Through the development on earth of a new industry based on the principles and technologies of the future space industry, which is based on the technologies of light universal production microfineries – “Replicators”, capable of making copies of themselves, multiplying.


Replicator industry, flagship of industrial space colonization.

Micro-factories – “Replicators”, are the flagship segment of the space transformation industry, since these machines will make it possible to accelerate the growth of industry and economy on earth many times over. And after reaching the necessary scale and level of technology, continue the further spread of industry in space.

The ability of replicators to make copies of themselves will make it possible to create an industrial system at lightning speed in any environment, with little or no human involvement.

Just a few of these machines will be enough to create numerous robotic groups in space, consisting of many micro-factories and universal robots, which will then build industrial enterprises. The first space enterprises will produce on-stream ships with replicators on board, which will scatter across the solar system, spreading the seeds of the industry. This method of industrializing space will not be super-costly, but it will be fast, large-scale and super-profitable.

According to the device, replicators are several machines for digital production of 3D printers, of various types, producing parts of any shape, by adding material in small portions according to a digital template. Several assembly manipulators that allow you to assemble finished products from parts. And a computer control center. By placing these components in a container, garage or space station module, you can get a mobile, multipurpose manufacturing complex capable of producing almost any product, including making your own copies, or analogues.

Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

printer for the production of metal parts,  

the modern predecessor of the microfineries of the future.

The modern level of technology already makes it possible to design microfactories of replicators, until now they are not made simply because no one sets such a goal. It is clear that the first replicators will have a weak level of capabilities, but this will be enough to launch them into mass production. And then the active growth of the replicator industry will begin, the modernization of their technologies, and over a period of about ten years, this industry will turn into a powerful world corporation, highly technological and highly organized, capable of colonizing the solar system.


Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

The transition of people to the living standard of space civilization.

Cosmic transformation, simultaneously with the preparation for the colonization of the solar system, will take place in all spheres of life and activity. This is the trend of world development in the direction of building a space civilization.

The main goal of space expansion is to rise to a qualitatively new level of civilizational development and standard of living, due to the technologies of the space age and unlimited resources of the solar system. My project puts this goal at the top of the strategy, and allows you to move towards it quickly and without significant obstacles. Nothing prevents us from starting the construction of a space civilization within the boundaries of the earth. There are no barriers, take it and do it. And the benefits from this are obvious, the development of technology and business, the transition to high-quality and functional living standards, an increase in living standards, a confident and accelerated development of progress. By the time the industrial colonization of space begins, the economy and society of the earth will be ready for it and are vitally interested in it, since this is a transition to a new resource base that removes any restrictions for further growth.

The inflow of investments into the space industry will not be tens of billions, as is the current total budgets for space research, but tens of trillions. And accordingly, the first wave of colonization of the solar system will take place immediately on a global scale. These will not be single bases on the Moon and Mars, as promised by the states, but the global space infrastructure, and networks of industrial enterprises on the nearest planets and asteroids.

The space industry will not be completely autonomous. For its growth and operation, it will be necessary to supply high-tech parts produced in scientific and technological centers on earth. But the weight of these parts is relatively small.

And besides, immediately after the appearance of industrial centers in space, the construction of qualitatively new “Rocket-free” space transport systems will begin. Such as, reusable orbital tugs, on economical “Electrojet engines”. Powerful catapults such as electromagnetic cannons or giant cable slings. A system of trains on magnetic levitation, on the ground, capable of accelerating trains to cosmic speeds, launching them into orbit from overpasses a hundred kilometers high, and receiving freight trains from space. New transport systems will be able to provide industrial traffic volumes at a low cost. They will provide both the supply of the space industry from the ground, and the supply of the earth with space resources.

Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

The solar system industry will provide the earth with clean energy from orbiting solar power plants, the supply of valuable resources from asteroids, precious metals and rare earths that are needed for high-tech industries. Later shipments of consumer materials such as asteroid iron, aluminum and titanium, produced in space.

For a clear understanding of the mineral wealth of the solar system. Only one large asteroid “Psyche” contains resources for 10 quintillion dollars, 100 thousand times more than the modern world GDP. This is enough to make every inhabitant of the earth a billionaire. The total volume of asteroid resources is millions of times greater than all earthly deposits. Earth deposits appeared in the distant past, as a result of an asteroid bombardment, but only a tiny fraction of asteroids fell to the ground. After the industrial exploration of space, the resource deficit limiting the growth of the economic power of the earth will no longer exist, no matter how much it increases, 10, 100, 1000 times, there is no limit.

A fast-growing industry based on replicators and access to the unlimited resources of the solar system will make the earth a millionaire planet in a few decades. Economic growth will accelerate the development of technologies, the construction of infrastructure, megacities, ecovillages, high-speed trains. It will make a reality the standard of living that you saw in science fiction films and futuristic forecasts, and the beginnings of which are now found in modern scientific and technological centers such as “Silicon Valley” or “Shenzhen”.


Practical development of the space transformation project.

How will I develop a space transformation project, without the support of government, administrative resources or big money? Through trend management and network structures.

Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

The transformation of humanity into a space civilization is a trend in world development. And at the same time, it can be a trend in organizing your personal living space, for those who are interested. A detailed description of the structure of a cosmic civilization, and its construction will serve as an information model, borrowing which for the conduct of their lives and activities, people will be able to move into its life and technological way.

There are many rudiments of a cosmic civilization in the world today, in the form of technology, consumer goods, opportunities for business development, and opportunities for leading a lifestyle by its standards. I will develop this trend by combining the scattered rudiments of a cosmic civilization into an integral system, and publishing its description. Thus, creating a foundation for the construction of a cosmic civilization from what is available now. And then I will develop and adjust the process of space transformation through the information model.

The space transformation system will be a network structure. A socially business community with a high degree of civic self-government.

Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

The difference between network structures and the currently dominant vertically integrated systems of organization is that there is no rigid hierarchy in networks, they consist of independent participants united by common goals and mutual benefit. The advantages of online communities are that there is no bureaucracy in them, and as a result, they are ossified and lethargic. Networks can easily spread across the world with little regard to national or social boundaries. The network organization is flexible, capable of easily restructuring, quickly responding to changes in the situation, and therefore allows the rapid development of technologies and the development of internal organization.

The disadvantages of network structures are that they do not have law enforcement agencies that monitor order and organization. But the lack of supervision is compensated by competition and the desire of the participants themselves to maintain a high professional level.

If the construction of traditional, bureaucratic, organizations is carried out either through the government, or in the presence of a lot of money, then the network structure can be built from scratch, if there is an idea that can interest people.

According to my project, the system of space transformation will represent a civil community that unites people according to the principle of striving for the transition to the lifestyle of a space civilization, “People of the space age”. And the business community, a network corporation organized according to the principle of the ecosystem of franchises “Network Community Space Expansion”. Social and business networks will work together as part of one system.

The action plan for the development of the project is broadly as follows.

First, popularization in the media of the basic concept and work on the practical development of the simplest and cheapest areas, and then a gradual increase in manufacturability as the system develops and resources accumulate.

At the first stages, the sale of technologies and goods available on the market allows you to switch to the standards of space civilization in life and work, directing the resulting profit to production projects.

Organization of simple projects in the manufacturing sector, such as catering, building materials and construction, digital and hybrid manufacturing in small businesses. Development of networks based on these projects.

Further, as resources accumulate, the start of work in the flagship direction, the design and production of microfabricated replicators. The spread of the replicator industry into mass business, through franchise networks. The direction of the received profit in the modernization of these machines.

Replicators will be comparable in price to a car or truck, depending on size, performance and level of manufacturability. Will be affordable for ordinary workers or small entrepreneurs. For example, a worker can buy one replicator, put it in his garage, after a while, the replicator will stamp several dozen of its copies. With the total capacity of a local production center, for example, simple cars, agricultural machinery or construction equipment. And the worker will move into the entrepreneurial class with an income of several tens of thousands of dollars a month or more. That is, it will move to the level of a well-to-do middle class, robots will work for it, it will deal with management and earn tens of times more. As the replicator industry spreads,

The space transformation system from the very beginning of its development will provide opportunities for business development and raising the living standards of its participants. When its spread becomes widespread, it will raise the living standard of the population to the level of developed countries and scientific and technological centers of our time. This is the average income of ordinary entrepreneurs or engineers, several tens of thousands of dollars per month, and the average income of grassroots service personnel, several thousand dollars per month.

After the terrestrial replicator industry receives a sufficient level of technology and power, it will begin to move into outer space, giving rise to the industrialization of space. Large communities of replicator owners will invest in the creation of the first alien industrial centers, and the development of extraterrestrial industry, receiving their share of the profits from it.

As the solar system industry grows, the supply of extraterrestrial resources to earth will increase. Making it possible to increase the capacity of the earth’s industry almost indefinitely.

When the replicator industry reaches a global scale, it will begin to dominate the economy, as it will become the main flagship of growth, and with it will come to dominate the corporation, manufacturers of high-tech replicator parts. That will lead to a change of elites, from administrative and financial to civil, and scientific and industrial. And accordingly, a new socio-political system will come to dominate, in which society will not be a servant of states and monopoly corporations, but a collective player, master of the situation.

In the system of space transformation, nothing depends on the authorities and the oligarchy, everything depends on you, ordinary participants who make their personal civilizational choice, in the space of which civilization you should live. And from the stratum of society with heightened intelligence and initiative, the future elite. I, as a project coordinator, offer you a model that you can follow and your activities to organize the system.

Now, the first reference points for the development of the project is the Space Expansion website, which I plan to use as an information and coordination center. Platforms for publishing a concept, platforms for communication, promoting thematic products and technologies.


An open path to the space age.

When the technical possibility of flights outside the land appeared, it caused a stir in the society. Since, in the future, the transition to the status of a space civilization will give a completely new level of development and a much higher quality of life.

Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

In the early decades of space exploration, governments promised you a speedy transition to the space age. But they only used your interest to support their power over you. They took on a mission and did not fulfill it, and now it is obvious that they will never fulfill it. Their plans do not go beyond scientific bases on the Moon and Mars, another show with sticking flags for their own prestige. They do not even talk about the economic and general civilizational prospects for the development of space expansion, since they obviously cannot do anything in this direction, and therefore removed these goals from the agenda.

Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

Modern space privateers, in principle, can develop practical space exploration, and are interested in it. They announced a shift in strategy from a race for records to a race for resources. But they were unable to overcome the barriers separating earthly activity from cosmic activity. They planned to start the exploration of extraterrestrial resources 5 – 10 years ago, but so far they have not done anything qualitatively new in space exploration.

Space transformation, a project for an affordable transition to the space age

My project, which focuses on the transformation of humanity into a space civilization, followed by the development of the solar system, does not have serious barriers to its development. In addition, from the very beginning of its implementation, it makes available to you the benefits of life and new opportunities, which the transition to the level of development of cosmic civilization promises to bring. With its appearance on the agenda, the transformation of humanity into a cosmic civilization ceases to be a futuristic abstraction, which will become a reality “Whenever you are in a bright future.” Now it is freely available.

Nikolay Agapov.

Source: Yandex Zen.

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