Flight of Russian actress Yulia Peresild to ISS, good show, modest achievement

On October 17, at 04.36, after filming an episode of the film “Call” to the ISS, the ISS – 66 expedition returned to earth with cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, director Klim Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild.

The footage of this flight looked quite enchanting. Julia is a beautiful, cheerful woman who radiates optimism.

But what was this flight like in terms of real functionality?

Its functional significance, achievement of demonstration effect, show. The most visible part of astronautics is the show of the program, with a certain amount of scientific and technological advances. This is how cosmonautics developed during the political race between the USSR and the USA. It works for the prestige of states, and serves as a means of demonstrating economic, scientific and technological power.

Satellites perform purely practical functions, but they do not attract much attention to themselves. They fly in orbit, show weather reports, broadcast TV and the Internet. A necessary thing, but very few people are interested.

A notable part of astronautics is that it makes new discoveries, expands horizons, is funded for the sake of achieving a demonstration effect. But it is also a demonstration of real scientific achievements, discoveries contributing to the knowledge of mankind. Demonstration of the level of development, scientific, technological, organizational potential that a particular state has reached.

In recent decades, Russia has no bright and significant achievements in cosmonautics. The Russian space industry continues to work, but does not show any noticeable, high-quality steps in development. Is in stagnation.

The Russians have their own successes in space programs, but they look rather faded against the background of competitors.

The USA has been constantly launching new probes to Mars for more than 15 years. The Japanese explored asteroids. China has been exploring the moon, since 2010, has launched several lunar rovers to the planet’s surface, delivered soil samples to earth. 4 months ago, the Chinese rover “Zhurong” landed on Mars, during the mission “Tianwen – 1”.

The Russians successfully worked out the program radio telescope operating in a short wavelength range, “Radioastron”, he made his contribution to the study of the universe, through the study of black holes and jets emanating from quasars. But for most people, his mission is little understood and not interesting.

The Russians wanted to demonstrate something bright, but there is no technological groundwork for this. For the ruling bureaucratic partocracy in Russia, the favorite state is stagnation, with imitation of activity. For the positions to be occupied, budgets were mastered, and there was no need to strain for this.

Therefore, to support interest in national cosmonautics, the Russians decided to make a show out of what they can, without the need for new technologies, and they know how to carry people to the ISS. And they sent a director and an actress to the ISS, who filmed the plot for the series. Noticeable, bright, interesting for the people.

From the point of view of the show program for ordinary people, it was not a bad step. From the point of view of real achievements and demonstration of its scientific and organizational potential, this was a step in place.

Nikolay Agapov.


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