Development of the social movement of people of the space age, the first steps in the construction of a space civilization

The space transformation project is an organizational start-up, the transformation of humanity into a space civilization, starting on earth in the near future. With the aim of first transforming humanity into a space civilization on earth, transferring it to appropriate living and technological standards. Then colonize the solar system, using for this micro-factories – “Replicators” capable of producing copies of themselves, multiplying, which will begin to spread on the earth in the field of mass business, and later go into space. The peculiarities of this project are that nothing hinders its implementation, it is possible to develop activities on earth, unlike in outer space, without hindrance, and after the appearance of space replicators, large-scale activities outside the earth will become available. The project is organized like this which will develop mainly in the information space, due to the popularization of the concept of building a space civilization, which serves as a guide to practical activities. In real activity, it will take the form of network communities consisting of people united by the goal of living and developing in the space of a cosmic civilization. Business and social networks. At the same time, social networks will develop faster, and will become the first steps in the construction of a space civilization.


How does a space civilization differ from a modern one?

The main differences are that the currently accepted organizational structure is a centralized, administrative system headed by power groups in the administrative and economic spheres. Top officials and oligarchs. Industry of the modern type is based on large enterprises, expensive and slow-growing. The organizational structure of the space civilization will be dominated by a network organization with a high proportion of civil self-government, not inclined to ossification and monopoly. And the production will be dominated by mini factories capable of rapidly increasing their numbers, which will ensure rapid economic growth on earth and the rapid industrialization of space.

The system of organization in politics and economics that has now taken shape on earth is a centralized power based on an administrative system and big money. Which is headed by top officials, state administrations. And big business, oligarchy, economic power. Industrial infrastructure of a modern type, also large and centralized.

The main reasons why the industrialization of outer space is not progressing now is that it is too expensive and economically ineffective to move industrial enterprises of a modern type into space. They have a high price on the ground and a long payback period. And in space they will be mega-cost with dubious economic efficiency. Although, states and large corporations could begin to industrialize space using light, factories, and machines based on highly simplified technologies. But they didn’t want it.

Now in the industry there is a transition to new principles of production. Industry of the modern type is based on highly specialized machine tools, which are combined into complex production chains, consisting of thousands of machines and many factories needed to produce complex products. For example, to make a car, you need thousands of parts, and they are all made on different machines. In the last decade, universal machine tools and 2D printers have been actively developing. Which produce parts of any shape by adding material in small portions according to a digital template. Prints 3D objects.

Digital manufacturing in the future will drastically reduce the length and complexity of production chains. A product of any level of complexity can be made using just a few 3D printers.

In my project, I plan to develop a new industry based on micro-factories, consisting of several 3D printers, assembly manipulators and a computer control center located in a container or in a garage. These micro-factories will be able to automatically produce any industrial products, such as cars, various equipment, and will also be able to make copies of themselves – “Replicas” will be able to reproduce.

Micro-factories replicators are a new type of industrial infrastructure, cheap and capable of lightning-fast growth. If the doubling of production capacity in the traditional industry occurs in a maximum of 4 to 8 years, then replicators will double their number about once a month, possibly faster. Taking into account the geometric progression of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 … this will be up to 4000 microfineries per year. In practice, less, since about two-thirds of micro-factories will work for a profit, producing products for sale, but a thousandfold growth per year is also not a bad result. Replicators will significantly accelerate the growth of industry and economy on earth. At the same time, giving economic and political resources into the hands of mass business. Contributing to leveling the levels of developed and developing countries.

Replicators provide completely new opportunities for the industrialization of space. Since these machines are lightweight, getting them into space will not be prohibitively expensive. But in space, replicators working in conjunction with universal robots will reproduce at the speed of insects, rapidly increasing in numbers. The first swarms of robots will build spacecraft manufacturing facilities that will carry new replicators around the solar system, seeding it with cybernetic industries. Then, robots will build a rocket-free transport infrastructure capable of supporting the exchange of cargo with space in industrial volumes, at moderate costs, 10 to 30 times cheaper than rockets. Orbiting solar power plants will be built to provide the earth with clean, unlimited energy. The supply of resources to the land will begin.

Access to unlimited resources of the solar system, together with the rapidly growing industry of replicators, will increase the standard of living virtually indefinitely, make the earth a planet of millionaires. And due to the comprehensive progress in technology, culture, organization and law, the development of mankind will rise to a qualitatively new level. This is what I see as the ultimate goal of space expansion, to reach a new level of development at the expense of the resources of the solar system.

The core of the space age industry is decentralized, micro-factories in the hands of society. Whoever controls production dominates the economy, who dominates the economy dominates politics and all other areas.

The main organizational system of the space civilization, which at the transitional stage will be a system of space transformation, is civil self-government built on networked communities. The space transformation system will consist of two main segments.

Business. Business ecosystem “Network community space expansion”. The main tasks of which are the construction of a space civilization in the field of production and technology.

And social. Public organization “People of the Space Age”. The main tasks of which are the transition of people to the way of life of a cosmic civilization, and further development in this direction in the form of improving organization in their lives and in society. That will give an increase in the quality of life, little dependent on money. The outer contour of the social system of space transformation is the interaction between people and the organization of society. The inner contour, personal development, giving the output satisfaction with your life, increased personal potential and increased efficiency in all respects.

At the heart of the organization of the system of space transformation will be dominated by the well-time-tested division into tens, ten people of which one is a coordinator, a foreman, over a hundred headed by a centurion, and so on. In entrepreneurial networks, space transformation systems, subordinate participants will pay the coordinators a part of their profits for organizational services. In the social part of the system, incentives for managers will be mainly moral, although organizational fees are also possible in it. In a networked organization, the managing stratum of society, managers and the elite, are not separated from society by rigid social barriers, and are in constant interaction with it. The network elite will not be able to subjugate society by force and administrative pressure. Or money, as the property will be evenly distributed in the networks. Network elites will build interaction with society on the basis of a contract, work as hired organizers, receiving from society exactly as much money as it is willing to pay for organizational services, and choosing which managers to obey and to what extent. Total power in this system will be impossible. The coordinators who try to dominate the lower-level participants will simply be sent to hell, and go to other coordinators, more adequate and effective. Loss of trust in this system means loss of management power and profit. Total power in this system will be impossible. The coordinators who try to dominate the lower-level participants will simply be sent to hell, and go to other coordinators, more adequate and effective. Loss of trust in this system means loss of management power and profit. Total power in this system will be impossible. The coordinators who try to dominate the lower-level participants will simply be sent to hell, and go to other coordinators, more adequate and effective. Loss of trust in this system means loss of management power and profit.

The vice of a centralized system is the rule of elites over society. Any managing stratum, by its nature, strives for complete control of the situation, for complete domination over society. And if it receives it, it ossifies, freezes progress for the sake of eliminating competition and maintaining its dominant position. Begins to take money and rights from society, using a variety of methods, direct and non-obvious. The result, corruption, impoverishment, lack of rights, falling into stagnation, followed by degradation. The domination of elites over society is the main vice of a centralized system, from which there is no escape. With the advent of democratic procedures to the centralized power, the domination of the elites simply began to mimic, acquire complex, intricate, non-obvious forms. And the monopoly economic elite, the oligarchy, moved away from democratic processes, and public attention, without losing the levers of control over society. It turned into an “Invisible” ruling class, while closed, ossified and cut off from society, similar to a feudal caste.

Strengthening democratic procedures under a centralized government does not yield significant results. At best, society manages to subjugate power, defeat its dominance over itself and organized robbery, corruption, at the grassroots level. But at the upper level, especially in the economic sphere, power remains total. In public administration, democratic procedures are decorative, they do not decide anything; they do not apply to the oligarchy at all.

An overly centralized, vertical control system is one of the reasons why humanity cannot enter the space age. This system, inhibited and ossified, cannot accelerate in development and is unable to move to a qualitatively new stage of development.

To move to the level of cosmic civilization, a new system of organization is needed, flexible, open and progressive. We need a new elite that will bring society out of its stupor and lead it forward. The network elite, which functions as a part of society, and not as a stratum outside of society and above society, is vitally interested in progress, since the growth of the living standards of lower-level participants is its money, the success of its business. The faster this growth is, the better for her.

The elite of the future are people with high potential, capable of leading, being in a living connection with society. There are a lot of such people, but they are scattered, so they cannot influence the system. In front of the system, one individual person is not capable of anything serious. But if open and positive people unite and enter a new system designed to achieve a high level of development and general prosperity, the old system will not be competitive in comparison with it.

During the transition to the social system of the cosmic civilization, together with the renewal of the elite, the renewal of society should take place. The transition of people from the format of subordinates to the format of independent players. Now society in the bulk is brought up in such a way that the circumstances of their life are determined by traditions and power, they accept them. They live according to the model to which they were accustomed from childhood by the authorities and local traditions. But the people of the space age themselves must build their lives, guided by the information model of building a space civilization and the recommendations of the coordinators. And for this they must have a certain outlook and initiative. They should have at least a general idea of ​​what the world civilization is, how it developed, how it is arranged, how it functions. To make a choice in favor of a particular civilization model, choosing her for your life. Must have enough determination for such a choice. The ability to navigate in a civilizational space allows not only to choose one’s place in it, but also to take a direct part in its development. This will make people civilizational players, carriers and builders of civilizational space.

Now the position of civilizational players in the world is practically unknown. The bulk of the population does not take part in the movement of world trends, they live with household and petty career interests. Officials, administrators and engineers are not players, they are qualified service personnel. Players are subordinates, they are participants. There are scientific players who determine trends in the scientific world, but this area is very narrow and not accessible to society. The players from the field of forecasting can participate in forecasting the future and in constructing the future, but in fact they do not use their capabilities in practice, they themselves do not implement them in practice. There are art players, they can participate in world trends and manage them, but this sphere does not really matter much. Some literate stratum of society has an idea of ​​the structure of the economic space, and can act as independent economic players, reaping its benefits from this. Some stratum participates in political games, but mostly with a small degree of independence, playing along with this or that power group. The role of civilizational players in the system adopted now is familiar only to the upper elite. I will make it publicly available in my project.


So, what is the appearance of a space civilization, which is offered to you in the project of space transformation?

These are: Decentralized production, fast-growing and highly profitable, owned by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Networked system of organization with a predominant share of civil self-government. Citizens, if they wish, can take the position of independent players in the political, economic and civilizational spheres. They can take a personal part in the development of world civilization. Upgrading technologies and manufacturing industries in the coming decades will provide access to unlimited resources of the solar system, and the opportunity for unlimited economic growth, which will pull progress in all areas. Ultimately, the transition to a qualitatively new level of civilizational development.

The basis of the infrastructure for organizing and managing a space civilization will be the information environment, since it is publicly available. This is an information template for the construction of a space civilization, in the form of publications serving as a model for the conduct of life and activities. And networked communities of people whose life and activities are integrated into the space of a cosmic civilization. The administrative and financial systems in the project will be secondary.


Now I am promoting the project in the information environment. For my project, which works as an information product, information dissemination is an action.

Communities of project participants who will gather and interact on the Internet, in social networks and on forums will later take their place in real life, in the role of managers, engineers, politicians and public figures.

Building up a public organization in the project, in the form of clubs and the movement of people of the space age, will develop in the first place. Since it requires fewer resources and less time, it is able to spread quickly and easily through publications and the Internet. The sphere of business and manufacturing will follow the public sphere. The rudiments of a cosmic civilization in the form of technologies, goods that form a personal living space and opportunities for leading a lifestyle are enough in the modern world. This is a ready-made basis on which one can rely so that the cosmic civilization takes on the first real outlines and begins to develop further. The concept of building a space civilization, its model, is an information product. Once in the information environment, it becomes available to everyone. You can use it for yourself. He’s yours.


Nikolay Agapov



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