Space Agers, the inner subculture of the space-age perspective movement of people

“Space Agers” is an abbreviated name for people of the space age, a thematic subculture that combines entertainment with preparation for taking the first steps in building a space civilization, and the beginning of real actions in this direction. For teenagers and people who are fond of the topic of space expansion. From the beginning in a playful way, but this game will turn into real activity, will give not only entertainment, creativity, but also real advantages, knowledge, skills. Will allow you to take your position in this world.


About the project Cosmic transformation.

Networked, social, community People of the space age , part of the Space Transformation project, is an organizational start-up, a project for the development of space expansion that does not have any restraining barriers.

According to his logic, the construction of a space civilization should begin in the near future on earth, where nothing prevents it. In order to make the transition to the life and technological structure of a space civilization, to develop a new industry on earth that can spread in the solar system, quickly and without huge costs. Consisting of micro-factories capable of producing any product, making copies of themselves, and multiplying. These machines will remove the barriers that prevent the massive industrialization of the solar system.

Colonization of outer space will give humanity access to unlimited resources, the ability to quickly and unlimitedly increase the standard of living. Will make the transition to a qualitatively new level of development, known to you from science fiction and futuristic forecasts, a reality.

The space transformation project will develop through the popularization of the concept of building a space civilization, which serves as an information template for the
development of real activities. And through network communities organized through connections between people on the Internet, regardless of government and big business.

The transformation of humanity into a space civilization will begin first of all through the dissemination of information and the organization of communities of its supporters, then it will move into the spheres of business and technology. The project is designed to be driven through the dissemination of information and the involvement of interested people.

More details:

Subculture of space agers, a game of building a space civilization turning into action.

Usually for teenagers or addicted people, participation in space projects comes down to entertainment or, at best, education. But in this project, you can have fun, and study, and participate and prepare for real activities, and conduct real activities, if you have enough skills.

When childhood ends and you begin to feel like an independent person. I want to throw out unnecessary and boring restrictions, find adventure and new events, live an interesting and rich life. Add fascinating movement and content to your life, switch to new life rules that will be
interesting in which you can take your personal, firm position and dominate.


What is the difference between the space agers subculture and other subcultures?

Youth subcultures are usually entertaining or protesting, they allow you to remove restrictions and throw out energy. There are also more constructive ones related to
sports, philosophy, science or business.

They go to subcultures to get rid of control, first the parents, then the system, and in a playful way develop their own rules of life. But subcultures in the bulk do not give any clear advantages or new opportunities in life, if they are not specific, professional subcultures. And they do not give an opportunity to escape from the control of the system. Such withdrawal is moral, withdrawal into emotions, but in fact the degree of control only grows.

Power, especially its economic part, the oligarchy, seizes control over subcultures or creates them itself in order to control society more strongly, ensuring its dominant position.

For example, the rock’n’roll and drug subculture that originated in the United States in the 60s. There was a lot of noise from her, but what did she give in practice? Freedom, strengthening of civil
rights, growth of intelligence or professionalism? Nothing. The mass of people who participated in it received exotic entertainment, but remained at the level of overgrown boys.
At the same time, the subcultures associated with socialism and the struggle for civil rights were severely suppressed and marginalized. And drugs and rock’n’roll were given the green light so that the energy of the masses went into hemp smoke.

Later, the oligarchy itself began to create subcultures convenient for it, in order to reduce the intelligence and the level of independence of people. Make them look like broilers in a chicken coop, so that they live with food and simple entertainment, at the level of cartoons and comics. And these cartoons completely absorbed attention, as if apart from them
there was nothing in life . People with cartoonish thinking do not orientate themselves in real life, do not have strong energy and decisiveness, they believe any propaganda if they are shown a picture designed for emotions. It is the ideal plankton for economic power. Brainless infantile, always go with the flow.

In recent decades, the authorities en masse put people on benefits. Do you think this is the result of the victory of leftist sentiments, or the government’s concern for the people? No. A person who has lived for several years on benefits, and even more so grew up in such an
environment, has a frostbite ability for professional thinking and professional activity. The ability to independently assess the situation, make decisions, and bring them to a result is frostbitten. Such people are helpless and dependent. They take any insanity emanating from the authorities for feeding.

In addition, the oligarchy spreads criminal and sectarian subcultures among the masses. Which generally exclude people from a full-fledged society, make them social illiquid assets. Such as BLM or Antifa in the USA, AUE in Russia, all sorts of occultists and neo-pagans. People who have gone through crime or schizophrenic
sects will then not be able to adapt in a normal society, and will not be accepted in it, they will remain outcasts, marginalized.

Subcultures that arise by themselves, without the participation of the authorities, come from the courtyards, at the exit they give narrow-minded thinking. They give a real idea of ​​life from the point of view of
teenagers in the yard, which is worth nothing anywhere else. Leave you at the level of overgrown boys.

Although in recent decades, there are practically no independent subcultures. Power keeps the area of ​​subcultures under control. She either constructs them herself, and launches them
into the masses, or takes control of the subcultures that rise from below. There are good psychologists and well-funded activists for this.

Subcultures that are not related to professional activity do not give you any real advantages, if they do not lower your level of thinking, then they certainly
will not raise it. They are only good for fun.

There are also elite subcultures, mainly in the form of student clubs, with an occult tinge, the logic of which is in the conduct of the lifestyle of the high elite. The most famous of these clubs is “Skulls”. But do you think that the real elite will
prepare you, then move up and give you a place in their ranks? Of course, you will be allowed into some highly placed circles, but only as highly qualified servants. Hired managers, accountants, professors.

If subcultures are made by order of the authorities, their goal is always the same. To turn you into your subservient. Only the service is different. This is either down crowd, getting happiness from Coca-Cola and comics, or a patriotic mass of workers and soldiers, or like elite students from prestigious universities. And modern subcultures are almost completely controlled by the authorities, although this control seems imperceptible, it is not striking.

You go to subcultures in order to get rid of control, realize yourself, become independent and strong. But for the most part, subcultures give the opposite result, they lower your level, make you brainless, infantile and dependent. You fall under the full control of the system and are not even able to realize it.

Crime, occultism, hard drugs, this is the way to the trash heap.

Subcultures associated with the professional environment, professional activity, science, sports, business give a positive effect. Or with education and
personal development, such as historical reconstruction, yoga or Buddhism. But in Eastern practices, one comes across a lot of occultism, various degrees of schizophrenia, you need to focus on the information coming from professionals, such as the Dalai Lama, and not muddy gurus such as Osho Rajnesh, or Sai Baba.

You can participate in the inner subculture of the “People of the Space Age” community – Space Agers. This subculture was constructed by me, as well as the project of cosmic transformation, in which it is integrated.

I am not a representative of the authorities, but an independent player, a planner of civilizational development. My project is the development of a space civilization, which should take place in
various spheres of life and activity, with the directed development of the necessary technologies, business areas, organization of society and personality. Which, along a logical
chain, will transfer humanity to the life and technological way of cosmic civilization. Will lead to the creation of a new industry capable of rapidly spreading in space and colonizing the solar system. But the transformation of humanity into a space civilization must begin now. And movement in this direction is not a science fiction fan club, it is a real activity in civilization building, and development in all areas, which will yield real results.

The space transformation project is organized on the principle of networked communities, people connected to each other via the Internet. This is a social movement, People of the Space
Age. And a networking corporation, Space Expansion Networking Community, which will develop business and technology.


A few of the main points of the space aider doctrine are:

Liberation from archaic traditions.

Throwing out of life the philistine morality and archaic traditions that come from the Middle Ages, and are sharpened for survival. Get food, maintain family
ties, do not quarrel with the community. For the modern world, they are useless and stupid.

The modern world is industrial, corporate, informational, intelligence, professionalism and high personal characteristics are important in it. Instead of traditional foundations, or courtyard concepts, space agers will have clubs and communities of people integrated into the world information and civilizational space, realizing themselves as its participants, capable of managing it. There will be a corporate movement, people interested in technology and business, entrepreneurs and startups.

The world of the future is global corporations, only the authorities represent them as their monopolies. I am an altersystemist, I represent as large self-governing civil and business communities that you will manage. In order to join them and get into standing positions, you need to have an appropriate level. And you can get the right level of knowledge and thinking in advance in the form of thematic hobbies.

Today you participate in communities on the Internet, play games, participate in theoretical clubs. In a few years you will participate in network corporations and technology startups, in ten years you will participate in giant corporations building industries on the Moon and asteroids.


Bypassing the power system.

The power system must be bypassed where power interferes with development and establishes domination over society. There is no need to fight the system, like the anti-globalists or the left, the result will be either zero or negative. You just need to get out of submission to the authorities when it interferes with you, it is not difficult to do this. And at the same time develop your own system, which will be more effective and attractive for people. Over time, the oligarchy will deflate itself, greed and the desire for monopoly domination will make it uncompetitive. And control over the administrative system will be seized by the networks of civil administration, using their intellectual superiority.


Development of the space transformation system.

Transition to life principles and technologies of space civilization.

Space civilization technologies are highly automated replacing human labor
and increasing profits. The core of the space age industry is replicators, versatile production machines that make copies of themselves. Highly profitable industry of the future that does not require manual labor, which the society will keep in its hands.

The Organization of Space Civilization is a network of communities with a high degree of civil self-government. Network corporations are made up of many interconnected entrepreneurs. Similar to the KFC franchise, only operating in different areas, from manufacturing to services. And networked civil communities, in
which people are not subordinated to the authorities as mass servants, but are equal participants in the civilization process, “Civilizational players”. Possessing
the same type of thinking and level of capabilities as the elite of our time, global players.

The new system, which empowers people with elite opportunities, when it spreads in the world, will undermine the monopoly control of power over society. Replaces power with a governing layer connected with society, working for its interests, and vitally interested in its development and prosperity. This new system is not a traditional political party built on bureaucracy, it is built on information circulating on the Internet. A model of the organization of thinking and life, which will spread on the Internet, find its supporters and so be implemented in practice.

The entire system of space transformation will be built on an information template that participants in online communities must follow. The system is built in such a way that the dissemination of information is ahead of material activities and material products, because information spreads freely and quickly.


Transition to a network organization.

The modern centralized, monopolistic system of organization cannot develop space expansion, and does not want expansion and development at all. She’s ossified. Officials want to sit quietly in their posts, the oligarchs to sit quietly on their monopolies, they want nothing to change. The energy of society is channeled into near entertainment, cartoons or crime.

The centralized government is obviously not capable of carrying out space expansion. Society will develop it.

People always need development, money, new technologies, the development of new spaces, the achievement of new heights. The type of organization of a cosmic civilization is communication between people, without the participation of a centralized power. The role of the governing stratum of society, in this case, will pass to the information network elite, consisting of the most intelligent and energetic representatives of
society. The transition to a network organization will free society from ossification, will allow you to channel your energy into development. And since there are no limits for development in space expansion, outer spaces and resources are endless, this is the most promising direction.


Transition to the principles of thinking of people of the space age.

When moving from the subordinate format to the independent player format, people must change their thinking to fit the new role. This is a transition to strategic thinking, with a wide coverage of different directions and possibilities, with the ability to be aware of oneself and act as a part of world civilization, its functional unit. And a change in priorities, from money and position in the hierarchy to personal potential and personal energy. In the information network model
organizations, deploy their activities and achieve something technically is not difficult. If you have a good project, intelligence and initiative, you can attract as many supporters on the Internet as you like. But for activities in a networked environment, the primary resources are personal resources. Clarity and liveliness of mind, decency, initiative, energy, perseverance. Money is important, but not very much, professional skills are needed, but they can be acquired in the process of project development, social status does not play a significant role.

The main capital of a man in the space age is strategic thinking, which makes him a full-fledged participant in space civilization, and personal potential, “Personal power”, which allows him to develop vigorous


The transition to the life position of the players from the position of the subservient.

Why does power dominate society? She has the main resources in her hands. A manufacturing industry that generates large profits. Organizational system that provides order and control. Education and broad thinking, allowing you to see the general situation and adjust it to your interests.

The Cosmic Transformation Project will put these resources in your hands. Automatic garage production complexes, or robots, will work for you. You will have a system of organization that will be created by you and will work for your interests. You will have the mindset of civilizational players and high personal potential. You will cease to be a servant, and become a collective global
player in control of both your life and the world.
With these resources, you can direct your energy to the construction of a space civilization and the colonization of the solar system. This is access to
unlimited resources, with the ability to raise the standard of living as much as necessary, there are no limits. And the transition to a qualitatively new level of development, the transition to a new world that you saw in science fiction and futuristic forecasts.

If the power gave you the opportunity only to dream about the transition to the space age. That my project will make this transition a reality.


What will be the benefits of participation in the space agers movement?

You get real independence from the system, and a transition to the living and organizational space of a cosmic civilization, in which you will be the masters of the situation. In which you will be free and will be able to embody your aspirations in reality, and not in emotions or dreams.

You get the opportunity to lead an interesting, eventful life by participating in a startup of the scale of world civilization, which is reshaping the planet. This is the corporate
environment, business, politics, social life and personal development, in a complex.

You will take a direct personal part in the development of space age technologies, and later, in the colonization of space. Lots of movement, creativity and adventure.

Develop your intelligence, knowledge of the world and personal qualities. Take a firm stand in life. The position of independent players who manage their lives, participate in the
life of society and are able to organize their business based on their intellect and their personal potential, their personal strength.

In a few words, the mission of space agers:
Creation of our own and universal human future. Freedom, movement, strength.


Nikolay Agapov.




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