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A business development project in areas coinciding with the transformation of mankind into a space civilization. Basically, the directions included in it are low-tech and cheap, for small entrepreneurs, with the expectation of further modernization, increasing the level of automation, productivity and profitability and growth under the franchise scheme. Strategically, the entrepreneurial ecosystem is the foundation for the development of a new industry that will move from earth to outer space, through digital manufacturing technologies. For ordinary participants, this is an affordable business with good development prospects and opportunities to take managerial positions in future network corporations.



The traditional space industry, working for propaganda, is not capable of becoming a flagship for the development of space expansion.

Humanity is now on the threshold of the transition to the space age, the industrial colonization of the solar system with its resources and spaces, incomparably superior to anything that can be accessed on earth. And the transition to a completely new scientific, technical and living level, incomparably superior to everything that has been achieved before it.

According to information coming from the government, space colonization is impossible in the near future, due to the excessively high cost and complexity. But this is only a half-truth. It is really difficult to develop an industry outside the land, but it is possible. There are enough technical capabilities and resources to start the industrialization of space, and there are cost-effective schemes for its development. They don’t start because they don’t want to.

States and large corporations conduct space activities, but use astronautics only as a means of moral support for their power. At the same time, they suppress projects of real space colonization and clean out publications on this topic from the information environment. So that society gets the impression that full-scale space expansion is not available at the present level, and they are doing everything they can while conducting research and sticking flags.

There is no real initiative for the development of space expansion among the groupings that manage states, banks and large corporations, since their goal is monopolies and domination. And the qualitative changes in the system that will inevitably accompany space expansion will undermine the power vertical and destroy monopolies.

Waiting for states and large corporations to ever lead you into the space age is pointless. Those who are interested can wait further, I offer another option.




A project for the construction of a space civilization, the goals of which are the growth of the living standards of society and the mass industrialization of the solar system, participation in which is available to everyone.

The project “Space transformation”, the transformation of mankind into a space civilization, due to the transition to a life and technological way of life corresponding to its principles, going on in the environment of mass business and society.

Space transformation provides for the development of a qualitatively new industry that creates a living environment for people that corresponds to the principles of space civilization and is able to actively spread beyond the earth. Its flagship segment is lightweight, mobile, manufacturing units that can make copies of themselves.

With the transition to a new industry, miniature production complexes will be put into production, located in containers, capable of producing copies of themselves, “Microfactories – Replicators”. These machines will greatly accelerate the economic growth on earth, will give the society an economic resource that allows to live at the level of the well-to-do middle class. And they will allow the industrialization of space to be carried out quickly and massively and with high economic efficiency.

The difference between space transformation and powerful space programs is that its main goals are the transition of society to the life and organizational principles of space civilization and further development in this direction. The transition to the principles of organizing a space civilization will give a high quality of life, much more opportunities and a much greater speed of development of progress leading to an increase in living standards.

Participation in the space transformation project is available to everyone who is interested in it.

I am one of the alternatives who became interested in private astronautics in the wake of its rise. My education is not engineering, but organizational, business development manager. And I was involved in the development of plans for the organization of space programs leading to the industrialization of the solar system. But I realized that nothing can be done in this area, any initiative for the development of extraterrestrial industry is nipped in the bud. And he switched to another direction of activity, the development of plans for the transition of society to the way of life of a space civilization and the development of a business capable of bringing society into an appropriate technological order. After the new industrial revolution, it will be much easier and faster to develop the industrialization of space.

The main reasons hindering space expansion is the socio-political system that is now dominant, ossified, monopolistic, and not interested in qualitative progress. But society is interested in space expansion, as it is a transition to a new level of development.

In my project, I decided first of all to develop a new type of organization, for which technical possibilities have now appeared. These are information technologies that make it possible to more or less freely promote new ideas and build an organization system through horizontal connections between people on the Internet, regardless of power. And digital production, which makes it possible to place the production of a full cycle, from raw materials to products, in a garage or container. And the spread of such mini-production will give ownership of the means of production into the hands of society, make it secure, economically and politically independent. Mass entrepreneurs are vitally interested in increasing the efficiency of their business, there can be no monopoly collusion in this environment, openness and competition do not allow.

The main features of the new life and organizational way of life, space civilization according to my project, are:

Production and economic activity distributed in society, in the form of mass business. Accordingly, management and organization are also distributed in society, in the form of network structures, with a high level of civil self-government and the relationship of the management layer with society. Society in such a system leaves the position of subordinates serving state administrations and big capital, and receives the possibilities of a collective management layer that has the same capabilities as the ruling class, including the ability to control the course of civilization development, which in the traditional system is available only to the highest elite.

The transformation of society into a space civilization and its further development is carried out through information and personal development. First, dissemination of information about the structure of space civilization and plans for its development, serving as an information template for practical activities. The basis of the organization of the system of space civilization is the organization of the personality of people, the transition to the type of thinking and the type of personality of a distributed elite, co-managing the life and development of civilization. Aware of themselves as a decision-making center and acting on their own initiative. Those who build their lives and activities according to the concept that serves as an information template, in cooperation with partners from online communities.

At the first stages, the development of a new industry corresponding to the principles of space civilization will take place in inexpensive, non-technological business areas capable of rapid growth and rapid distribution. To quickly create mass entrepreneurial networks organized on a franchise basis. And then, on the basis of this basis, to conduct a qualitative modernization, raising the level of automation, the level of manufacturability, the level of product quality, and raise the quality of the organization.

The creation of serial replicators in the near future is not possible, these machines are complex and expensive, they still need to be designed. Therefore, the focus is on the creation of network corporations with sufficient economic power to invest in the development of the first replicators. After the replicators go into mass production, they will become cheaper due to the fact that they are quickly duplicated and increase their numbers. But in the first stages of the development of the space age industry, the principles of organization of production will be used to obtain high efficiency through simple automation methods, reducing labor costs per unit of output, and raising profitability. This is how technology will evolve in the space transformation business ecosystem, first simple and cheap technologies, facilitating the entry of new members and rapid expansion, then simple automation raises productivity without significant costs. Then the transition to high technology and high automation, which give high profits, which will allow ordinary participants to live at the level of the middle class in developed countries.

Read more about the concept in the publication. The concept of transforming humanity into a space civilization, from an information template to a solar system industry:

The concept of transforming humanity into a space civilization, from an information template to a solar system industry




In the early stages of developing the space age industry’s entrepreneurial communities, I plan to focus on three industries. Food, construction, and hybrid production. It is also possible to develop the electric transport industry and related infrastructure.




Space age food industry.

The food industry is mainly projects in the areas of healthy fast food, convenient in terms of storage and consumption, and with good potential for automation.

This is the sale and production of products such as fast food similar to traditional fast food, but made according to healthy food recipes.

In this area, I have my own developments, high-protein dough products and based on whole grain flour, with additives containing vitamins. The dough is semi-liquid, which facilitates the process of kneading and baking. You can do without special equipment for kneading and rolling dough, less need for special rooms. The final products are pies with meat and fruit fillings. Sweet pancakes with fruits. And dessert pastries, similar to muffins, but with a reduced sugar content and containing fruit. Baking products is done in pans, which allows you to do without special ovens or stoves. Lightweight portable stoves, aluminum frying pans, bowls for kneading dough and plates for finished products are enough. This project for street catering,

Sale and production of prepared fast food products such as protein and vitamin bars, biscuits, or waffles. Making or selling purees or shakes that are high in protein and vitamins. Production or sale of dry mixes for self-preparation of mashed potatoes or cocktails by customers.

The space age food industry includes areas that allow the cultivation of food organisms by an industrial method with high productivity. Such as growing microorganisms or fungi, crustaceans, insects, fish or small animals. This direction is described in one of the publications.

Planktonic food incubators for long-term space expeditions.

It also includes the directions of growing animals adapted to their habitat, living on natural food and not requiring the creation of special conditions, which can be cultivated at low cost.

More in the review. Space Age Products:




Space age construction industry.

The construction industry includes areas that allow to reduce the cost of building materials, automate the construction process, and use promising areas of design.

Such as building 3D printing.

Construction from fixed formwork.

Lego bricks or lego blocks. Multilayer blocks, which are fragments of walls with ready-made finishes, insulation, and possibly cavities for pouring concrete to get monolithic concrete walls. similar panels.

Use in the construction of structures made of light frames and light panels.

Production of transformer houses, consisting of lightweight panels, convenient for transportation when folded, and laid out on the construction site.

Construction of fabric houses, similar to tents, or hybrid, concrete tents.

Construction of domed houses.

Building technologies are flexible, which allows entrepreneurs, firms or teams to quickly master new directions.

More in the review. Building technologies and types of space age houses available now: 




Hybrid production in the space age industry.

Hybrid manufacturing is a combination of digital and traditional manufacturing technologies. It is convenient for business because it allows you to reduce the machine park through the use of universal machines, 3D printers that can produce parts of any shape. But modern 3D printers have low productivity, and metal printers are also very expensive. Hybrid production combines the main advantages of digital and traditional technologies. Allowing you to create products of complex shape according to a digital template, and quickly produce them using traditional technologies.

The main types of hybrid production are. High-tech casting, from metals, into molds obtained using 3D printing. Possible with final, finishing, surface treatment on traditional machines. Similar production of parts from ceramic or polymeric materials.




Electric transport in the space age industry.

I consider electric transport a promising direction of space age transport, because in the future it will be able to switch to the energy of orbital solar power plants. A clean, inexhaustible source of energy associated with the space industry.

In the electric cars of the future, I think the main thing is the quality of functionality, good value for money. Therefore, I consider not expensive, high-status cars such as Tesla as an example of space age cars, but relatively cheap Chinese electric small cars, electric scooters, electric bicycles and scooters.

I consider light electric transport, such as electric scooters, scooters, to be an important direction. And velomobiles, intermediate options between bicycles or scooters and cars.

Equally important is the development of a charging-in-motion infrastructure that compensates for the main disadvantages of electric vehicles, a short range and a long charging time.

More details in the review. Space Age Energy: 




The space age industry is open to new entrants.

I am publishing this review with the aim of attracting participants, entrepreneurs, to create the first anchor points for the growth of the space age networking industry.

Possible cooperation schemes are: An organization of firms or individual entrepreneurs whose business is consistent with the principles of the space age industry or intersects with them. It can be manufacturing, trading, or trading intermediary activities. Internet resellers are good because they are easy and cheap to set up using homemade websites or social media pages as a platform.

It is also possible to partner with companies working in areas of activity that do not intersect with space transformation, but are interested in the development of this direction. By creating spin-offs that fall under the category of the space age industry and using publications on this topic as advertising for the main activity.

After the first partner firms are formed and begin to gain experience, they will become the focal points of network communities, analogues of the franchise. With a significant expansion of the market and the attraction of part of the profits from downstream participants.

I will help partners with the organization, popularization of their companies through publications and attracting clients to them. Perhaps I can help in attracting investments.




Cosmic transformation is a new opportunity that traditional astronautics does not provide.

Your chances of taking part in the space programs of states or billionaires are practically zero. There are opportunities to get practical benefits from traditional space programs in the form of developing new technologies that increase your standard of living, but this is not fast and not guaranteed.

Participation in the cosmic transformation project is open to every interested person. Building a space civilization is the same adventure as participating in comic expeditions, only more constructive.

The practical benefits of participation. Even at the stage of familiarization with the project, you get the opportunity to switch to the personality format of a space age person who co-manages world civilization. This immediately expands your possibilities and increases your personal potential. If you wish, you can participate in practical activities, social, intellectual, creative, or business. Business projects that I offer are easy to start, highly profitable, with good opportunities for expansion and modernization. The network organization will enable the first participants to take the positions of managers of network corporations.

By participating in the project, you will build a new world that will give you the rapid development of progress, many new opportunities, a high standard of living and prosperity, in which you will be the masters of the situation.


Nikolai Agapov.





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