About the site

The Cosmic Expansion website is an information platform for the Network Community – Cosmic Expansion, a public business organization whose task is the practical transformation of modern humanity into space civilization.
And the media about space, and the prospects for its colonization. The task of which is to promote the development of space expansion in the information and ideological sphere. Through the popularization of the possibilities and prospects of the transition into the space age.


The concept of a network community is Space Expansion.

At the heart of the network community strategy is Space Expansion, the construction of a space civilization within the earth in the near future. Through the development of a new industry that can spread freely in the solar system, and the transition of society to the living standards of a civilization of the cosmic level. With the expectation of later embarking on mass industrialization of the solar system. To build a highly developed economy and a society of universal prosperity at the expense of unlimited, space resources.

The basis of organizing a network community is Space Expansion, open, self-governing, information network communities. Capable of rapid spread and rapid development. intellectual, flexible, not prone to monopolism and ossification.

The transformation of mankind into cosmic civilization should go in two main directions. Through the development of the “Space Age Industry”, which is able to actively spread in space at moderate cost. And the development of the “Space Age People” communities. Having thinking and organization adapted to the conditions of the cosmic civilization of the future.


Space age industry.

The space age industry, by concept, is an entrepreneurial network in which technology and organization must be distributed from focal points, similar to modern franchises.

The core technology of the space age industry, digital production. And cars – “Replicators”, capable of producing their copies, and quickly “Propagate”, on the earth and in space.

Production modules – replicators, these are automatic production assembly complexes consisting of several 3D printers and assembly manipulators located in a container or module of orbital stations. Replicators are lightweight, relatively cheap manufacturing machines. But they will be universal, able to produce any product. Including such complex as automobiles, or industrial equipment. On earth, the massive spread of replicators will accelerate the development of the economy many times over.

Delivery of replicators into space does not require huge costs. But in space, such machines will be able to make many of their copies, multiplying exponentially. Making robots and industrial equipment. Numerous groups of replicators and robots created from the same machine will be able to build extraterrestrial enterprises. Producing spacecraft with replicators that will fly around the solar system, spreading the cybernetic industry. Groups of replicators and robots will build industrial bases, transport infrastructure, orbital power plants. Provide land with energy and valuable resources in unlimited quantities.

Industrialization of the solar system using replicators will not be overly expensive. But it will be fast, large-scale and super-profitable.

Creating the first serial replicators is not an overly complex task. Now there are already experimental machines of this type. But they have not yet been brought to the necessary technological perfection.

The tasks of the space age industry include not only preparing for the colonization of space, but also creating a living environment on earth that corresponds to the level of space civilization. It will apply to all areas of industry, business and the provision of human life.

In the early stages of the development of the space age industry, it will be built as a network of entrepreneurs working in existing industries, which are the beginnings of the space age industry. Therefore, creating a global foundation for new industrialization is possible only through the development of a trend and partnerships.


People of the space age.

Communities of people of the space age, this is a system for transforming humanity into a space civilization in the social sphere. In areas such as the development of personal thinking, social organization, lifestyle and the development of domestic, living environment on the model of civilization at the cosmic level.

The main task of the people of the space age is the transition of society to living standards that correspond to the level of space civilization. Higher quality of thinking, high level of self-organization, high level of culture. Allowing people to become full-fledged participants in a more highly developed and complexly organized society of the space age.

Features of the space age society, such as a decentralized scientific and industrial environment, public self-government. They will give people more freedom, but also require a higher level of personal thinking and personal self-organization. It will require the qualities of the elite from ordinary members of society. And the development of elite qualities will need to work, putting a lot of effort. But on the other hand, increased personal qualities are a boon, they increase the quality of life, as well as an increase in income or an increase in the quality of the living environment.

Communities of people of the space age will consist of activist clubs playing the role of focal points. Mass social movement, and thematic subcultures.


The advantages of building a space civilization according to the concept of a network community – Space expansion.

The traditional model of the development of space expansion. Founded and supported by state administrations. Through the gradual expansion of space programs, which in an uncertain future, should lead to the creation of a mass space industry and the transition of mankind to the space age. It is held back by many impenetrable barriers. This model is too long-term and it is practically not developing. It remains at the stage of one-time visits to outer space for scientific and propaganda purposes.

A model for the development of space expansion due to the transition to industry and living standards of space civilization. And preparation for the colonization of space through new industrialization. It has no difficult barriers to face, in the form of gigantic costs and long waiting. It can develop much faster, and much more confidently. Since its development will come at the expense of direct practical expediency, without requiring large expenses for an uncertain perspective. Its main pillar is not the state, but the global civil society and mass business. And it can lead to the beginning of the colonization of space in the next decade.

The prospect of a transition to the space age opened before mankind along with the creation of the space rocket industry in the seventies of the twentieth century. But the government was not capable of real, practical, space exploration. Using space programs mainly as a means of strengthening their status.

The transition to the space age does not need power, but people need it. This is a transition to a qualitatively new level of civilizational development, comparable to the previous transition from the feudal period to the industrial period.

Network community – Space expansion, an organization capable of uniting civil society to transform humanity into space civilization. And to bring this transformation to full-scale colonization of the solar system. Together with which humanity will finally move into a new era and receive unlimited opportunities for further development.

The network community space expansion is open to every person who is interested in leading his life or practical activities in line with the construction of space civilization.