Project – “Agapov Space Industry Development Coordination Center”

Agapov’s project of the coordination center for the development of the space industry is a project of organizing a community of independent players and entrepreneurs involved in the development of the space industry. Having goals:

Elaboration of feasible and cost-effective plans for the development of the space industry.

The development on earth of communities of economic players capable of creating a foundation for the development of space programs in the future. Provide them with the necessary scientific and industrial potential, funding and demand.

Implementation of interaction between different space players. With the aim of a more coordinated and large-scale work to prepare for the industrialization of space and its further development.

The main format of the center’s activities, conceptual management. Elaboration of a cost-effective concept for the development of industrialization of space, capable of interest in business and society, its popularization, attraction of participants to it, assistance in its practical implementation. The role of the concept is to serve as an information template for the development of real activities. The role of the focal point is to serve as a focal point for interaction and management, contributing to the practical implementation of the concept.


Ideas and concepts of the center


Work projects and initiatives of the center