Galaxy.W Cryptocurrency and project share Network community space expansion

Galaxy.W cryptocurrency is the electronic currency of the promising socially entrepreneurial ecosystem “Network community space expansion”. A convenient tool for international payments and project investments.

The currency is named Galaxy because, in the long term, it should become the currency of the solar galaxy industry. The letter W means that the currency works on the Waves platform. In the future, maybe I will transfer it to another platform.

Convenience of cryptocurrency for investment, its use as a crypto stock, is that any investor can buy and sell this currency at any time.

You can also speculate on it after the release of fresh news about the project, or announcements of technological projects included in the ecosystem. Since the ecosystem will operate like a network of franchises, the emergence of new projects to be copied by the mainstream business will drive demand for Galaxy, prompting growth expectations.

To avoid fraud, please use the direct links published only on this page. This is the official page of the Galaxy.W cryptocurrency.

Link to enter the Waves exchange:
Galaxy.W and other cryptocurrencies can be traded on this exchange. Store money on it like in an electronic wallet. And also generate your own cryptocurrency. Simplicity and low fees allow almost everyone to do this.

To work on the exchange, you need to register, securely saving passwords and Sid (Password in a few words).

To buy and sell Galaxy.W, you need to enter this name into the internal search box. In the upper, left corner of the trading terminal (By default, it is configured for a pair of Waves – Bitcoin):

Or follow the link that leads directly to the Galaxy.W – Waves currency pair: