Cosmic transformation

Cosmic transformation is a project of transforming an earthly civilization into a space civilization with an appropriate life and technological level of development, and having an industry that can freely spread in space, capable of colonizing the solar system.

The practical development of the project will go through its popularization in the information environment. Through the organizational structure, the system of space transformation, which is a networked, socially-business community. And through the involvement of people in the living and technological environment corresponding to the criteria of space civilization.

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The business part of the space transformation system, the business community.

Network community – Space expansion 


The social part, the Space Age People community.

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The beginnings of space civilization in the modern world

These are Technologies, areas of production and business, objects that form a living environment and opportunities for leading a lifestyle. Together they form the life and technological structure of the cosmic civilization.
At the first stages of the development of the space transformation project, an information platform will work in it, which will popularize the rudiments of space civilization. By assembling and systematizing them, turning them into a single trend, and forming from them the foundation for the further construction of a space civilization.
The transformation of humanity into a space civilization will begin to be carried out in practice through an information template.