Dome house made of expanded polystyrene panels



Foam domed houses.

The house is a dome made of foam panels.

Inexpensive, quickly built housing, easy to build.

Houses of this type can be used as holiday houses or for tourists. They can serve as permanent housing, but do not provide serious protection.

Foam domes do not provide vandalism, strong hurricane and fire protection. But they are not afraid of earthquakes and weak hurricanes, and they provide good enough thermal insulation to live in them in winter conditions.

Foam domes can be used to build concrete domes using hybrid construction technology. Build foam domes, then apply reinforcing mesh and liquid concrete to them. After the construction of the concrete dome, the foam walls will serve as interior decoration and heat insulator. Thus, you can build reliable, concrete, domed houses. Able to provide better protection than standard monolithic concrete houses, due to the even distribution of the load in the dome structure. Concrete domes can withstand earthquakes, forest fires, violent hurricanes, and possibly tornadoes, depending on the thickness and strength of the walls.


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