House, villa, steel frame and FASEC aerated concrete panels




Inexpensive and high quality prefabricated house. Steel frame with porous concrete panels – “FASEC”.


Light weight.

Low price.

Fast and easy construction.

High reliability, resistance to fire, hurricanes and earthquakes.


About FASEC Prefab-I panels.

FASEC Prefab-I panel is one of the types of porous concrete from which slabs are formed. The material is silica sand, cement, lime and aluminum powder, which creates gas bubbles when interacting with alkaline additives.

The panels are formed at high temperature and high pressure. The armature is a two-layer wire mesh with anti-corrosion protection.

Plates of this type can be used as a material for walls, both internal and external. As roof and floor panels.

The slabs are relatively lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to build. But due to porosity, sound is poorly conducted, they have high thermal insulation and resistance to fire.

Slabs of this type can be widely used in concrete and steel structures, in the construction of residential, industrial and office buildings. As external and internal walls, roof panels, floors, explosion-proof walls, fire-resistant or soundproof walls, in the renovation of old houses.

Plates can have different thicknesses and strengths, depending on the purpose, are divided into several basic types. Exterior wall panels, interior partitions, roof and floor panels.

The thickness and strength of each type of board depends on the design load. Typically the thickness of the slabs varies from 50 to 300 millimeters, with an interval of 25 millimeters. Length can be up to 6 meters.


The main characteristics of the panels:

Density: Only 500 – 650 kg per cubic meter. It is 4 times lighter than concrete, or 3 times lighter than clay brick. And lighter than water, slabs do not sink in water.

Fire resistance: Boards 100 millimeters thick, can reach 4 hours, and 125 millimeters thick, more than 4 hours.

Thermal insulating properties: Thermal conductivity is 0.09 – 0.114. And the thermal insulation effect of a 125 mm thick panel is comparable to a 370 mm thick brick wall. This is a new type of building material that allows up to 65% energy savings without the use of additional thermal insulation.

Soundproofing: The soundproofing index of a 100mm panel reaches 40.8 decibels.

Seismic resistance: The slab wall can adapt to large angular misalignments between layers, allowing an interlayer displacement angle of 1/150, which is 1/120 when using special joints. When using special covers for joints, there is no abrasion of joints at displacements up to 1/20.

Radioactivity: Background radiation is 12 gamma μ / h, which corresponds to levels on grass outside.

Bearing capacity: The inside of the slab is equipped with double-layer and double-sided steel mesh, which can provide the outside wall, thermal insulation panel, roof panels, floor slab, decorative panel, and so on.

Crack resistance: FASEC Prefab-I panel is reinforced with steel bars with anti-corrosion treatment. It has the lowest shrinkage ratio in inorganic materials and is coated with a special organic adhesive to prevent cracking.

Convenience: FASEC Prefab-I is produced in a factory with high quality control. Its size is highly accurate. The material of the board lends itself to machining, it can be planed, sawed, and drilled. The ease of installation of walls and their flat surface eliminates the need for plastering, which significantly speeds up construction, reduces its labor intensity and cost.

Cost-effective: FASEC Prefab-I is used as a wall material, which can effectively increase the floor space of the house, reduce energy consumption and meet the national building energy saving standards Under the same soundproofing and fireproofing requirements. Prefab-I is lightweight and does not require some additional components such as supporting column and chord, which can reduce wall stress and thus reduce construction costs.

Decorative qualities: FASEC Prefab-I boards can be made with decorative patterns on the surface. In the form of bricks, cells, stripes, or imitation of natural stone.

Versatility: FASEC Prefab-I slabs can be used in concrete and steel structures. Residential or office buildings, industrial premises, interior and exterior walls, floors and interfloor ceilings, roofing panels, explosion-proof walls or fire-rated panels, in soundproof walls or for renovating old houses.

Simplicity and speed of construction: There is no need for making concrete mortar, reinforcing mesh and concrete shaping, masonry, plastering, and other types of work typical of traditional construction. The installation of the slabs is sufficient for the construction of the walls, ready for finishing.

Houses made of FASEC Prefab-I panels on a steel frame can be built approximately twice as fast as analogs from monolithic concrete or brick. 




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