Mobile Home – Trailer



  • According to ISO 9001-2000 Standards, 8.00 mx 2.55 m Size biaxial trailers and AL-KO brand carrying capacity Torsion axles are used.
  • The steel structure will be made with timber bearing poles and beams according to the static calculations given in this project. An insulating glass with a damper will be installed on 3 surfaces. 1 facade will be covered with internal and external cladding.
  • A special mesh, Grade A-1, waterproof but moisture permeable vapor barrier will be used between the steel frame and the nexus. Khnuf Brand mineral wool thermal insulation will be used on the floor.
  • Khnuf A brand of mineral wool thermal insulation will be placed in the carcass space between wood panels. Tyvek, a breathable yet waterproof moisture and vapor barrier, will also be used on the outside.
  • All visible panels will be made from premium dried pine imported from Ukraine, Siberia, Finland or Sweden. The trees will be impregnated with 12 bar atm pressure of the HEMEL brand. (AC, 50-year warranty against worms and infestation and blue-green mold)
  • All visible trees are sanded and painted with international health certificates.
  • Dimensions: 8 mx 2.55 m Main floor, 7.5 m2 mezzanine
  • Internal usable area: 27.5 m2
  • Price: 28,000 euros (excluding shipping)
  • Delivery time: 45 working days

This product is non-refundable due to its specialization. Please give us a call before paying.




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